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Easy as 1, 2, 3: Restrapping Patio Chairs

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Restrapping Patio Chairs

“The sun is shining; the weather is sweet…” sang Bob Marley. Now is the time to get out those patio chairs from storage. However, in doing so, you notice that some of the straps are broken and the furniture has clearly seen better days. But worry not! This blog posts will tell you everything you need to know about restrapping patio chairs so that they are ready for when the sun shines.

Equipment and Tools

Let’s first look at the tools and equipment you need:

  • A drill with a ¼” drill bit
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood to drill onto (to save your workbench from damage)
  • Replacement vinyl for restrapping patio chairs
  • Rivets (these depend on the size you need or the size of the pre-drilled holes in your existing chair)
  • Tin Snips
  • Flexible measuring tape
  • Cotton gloves (to handle hot straps)
  • Tongs (to remove hot straps from boiling water)
  • Boiling water

Set Up Your Working Area

You will need access to boiling water. An easy way of doing this is to have your things set up with a propane tank and a turkey fryer, for example, to get your water boiling. It does not have to be set up like this, but you will need your water to be boiling near to your workspace. It is not good walking through the house each time with a boiling strap!  

The hot water is there to allow your straps to become more stretchy so that you are able to stretch them to fit your patio chair snuggly.

How to Steps

Restrapping patio chairs is easy if you follow these simple instructions.

    1. Firstly, remove old, damaged straps from the chair’s frame. If the rivets are dried out, they might be easy to remove. If not, you might need to use some pliers. Also, having a small screwdriver might come in handy to clean any debris or rust out of the hole.
    2. Drill any new holes if you need to or widen any existing holes if necessary.
    3. Take the cloth tape measure and wrap it around the frame where the old straps were. Start at one end, wrapping it round to the hole for the rivet and across the other side and around the hole. Note down the measurement and then take off ten percent. For measurement of 24” you should have a 21.5” and your new measurement. The length is reduced so that the straps end up tight on the frame as the vinyl becomes more pliable when putting in hot water. 
    4. If you bought a strap roll: Cut lengths of vinyl strapping for patio chairs using the tin snips to your new measurement and trim off the excess edges and corners so that they won’t be visible or bulky when wrapped around the chair.
    5. Set a couple of them together and drill holes, in each end, around ¼” away from the end. Make sure you do this onto your wood block to protect surfaces and your hands. 
    6. For pre-cut vinyl straps: if you want to order your straps pre-cut or want to order them already made, simply fill in the measurement fields in the product page and order them to size.
    7. Place the straps into the boiling water.
    8. After 3 or 4 minutes, remove a strip of vinyl from the hot water using the tongs and whilst wearing the gloves to protect your hands. Shake off excess water and put in the rivets if you haven’t already. 
    9. Stretch the strap from one side to the other of the frame to install it and push the rivets into the holes.

Restrapping patio chairs has never been so simple. If you would like to watch the full-length video tutorial with Jeff, just press play.

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How to Measure and Install Oval Chair Leg Caps

How to Measure and Install Oval Chair Leg Caps

If you have found us by Googling “chair leg caps oval”, then you have hit the right page! This page will tell you everything you need to know in order to repair your oval chair leg patio furniture pieces.

Our Range of Oval Chair Leg Caps

At Sunniland Patio, you will find a range of oval chair leg caps in our online store page. We have the following available:

  • 1-3/4” x 1/2 “ oval end caps in black
  • 1-3/4” x ½” oval end caps in white
  • 7/8” x 2 1/8” racetrack inserts in black
  • 7/8” x 2 1/8” racetrack inserts in natural
  • Oval shaped inserts in black
  • Oval shaped inserts in white
  • Winston white oval glide inserts
  • 1 ½” x 5/8” Winston black oval tube glide inserts

Measuring Your Oval Chair Leg Inserts

Firstly, remove any existing chair leg inserts from the frame. You might need to use a flathead screwdriver to prise them off. Oval leg inserts can be specific in how they fit into the frame’s holes. Make sure you look at any rail end caps that you are removing to see if it looks like this will give you a good indication as to what you need to buy to replace it. You should always measure the length and width of the hole of the chair leg to be sure you are buying the right size. For additional support in measuring your oval chair leg inserts, see our page here.

Fitting the New Oval Leg Inserts

Firstly, ensure that the chair leg hole is the correct shape and that it has not been damaged through use over time. Place the new end cap on the hole and give it a light tap with a hammer to insert it snugly into the hole. You should do the same for all of the legs and inserts. If the tubing is a little too tight or too loose, you can manipulate the tubing with a pair of pliers to ensure as tight fit as possible.

You can sometimes reuse old chair leg inserts, but we always recommend buying new ones when carrying out maintenance and repairs on your patio furniture. This will increase the furniture’s longevity, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of your patio furniture for many more years to come.

That should be it, done and dusted! New oval chair leg inserts fitted! For additional help on the topic of chair leg inserts, read our Ultimate Guide. If you wish to order some of our chair leg inserts, you can find them here.

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Types of Oval Patio Chair Glides

Types of Oval Patio Chair Glides

Oval patio chair glides are the caps that go inside the edges of patio chairs and chaise lounges. Their job is to hide the holes at the end of the pipe frames and to protect them from becoming dirty or clogged with any debris blowing around in the wind.

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The Guide to Chaise Lounge Replacement Parts and Repairs

The Guide to Chaise Lounge Replacement Parts and Repairs

Chaise lounges are the perfect chair for comfort and relaxation outside on your patio, on your deck, or in your yard.  They allow you that full stability of a seat whilst offering relaxed recline-ability. This guide will let you know everything about these great chairs and specifically how you can source the correct replacement parts so that you can carry out any repairs yourself.

Types of Chaise Lounge

There are two main types of chaise lounge that are available in patio or outdoor furniture. Firstly, there are the sling style chaise lounges and then there are the strap style chaise lounges.

Sling - Sling chaise lounges have several pieces of fabric that are fixed to a frame. These slings can be removed and replaced to repair a chaise lounge or to give it a new lease of life.

Strap - Strap chaise lounges are made up of vinyl straps that are placed in rows along the chair’s frame. Straps can be replaced either individually or as a full set should you need to repair your chaise lounge or want to give it a makeover.

Different Parts – where to buy?

For both sling and strap chaise lounges, Sunniland Patio has all the different parts that you would need should you wish to repair or upgrade your patio furniture.

Replacement Slings

Sunniland Patio custom makes replacement slings for many brands of patio furniture. You can simply choose the fabric you wish for your replacement slings, put in your measurements and order on our website.  We currently have over 120 different fabrics to choose from in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. Whether you want a muted grey, a bright and vibrant green, a leafy pattern, or colorful stripes, we have a fabric option that you will love.

Sling rail end caps

Sling rail caps are installed at the end of your chair’s sling rails to finish the replacement of the sling and giving the chair a finished appearance. We have a choice of 12 sling rail end caps to suit most patio furniture including oval, half oval, rectangular, square, and round, in either black or white colors.

Replacement Straps

For those with a strap design chaise lounge, we have a range of over 50 colors to choose from. Vinyl strapping is an excellent and cost-effective way of making your outdoor furniture look like new. Our vinyl straps are made from 100% virgin vinyl and contain no fillers.

Our pre-cut vinyl strapping makes vinyl strap replacement easy and simple. We pre-cut the straps for you to your required length, eliminating the time-consuming step in replacing your straps.

Alternatively, we have replacement strapping by the roll in a choice of two widths, either 1 ½” or 2” width, and in 50’, 100’, or 200’ rolls. Some of our vinyl strapping also has a textured finish.


To install vinyl straps correctly, you will need rivets. We have a variety of fasteners that are specially designed for installing vinyl straps. You need to choose the correct type of rivet or clip depending on your type of vinyl straps.  We have a choice of nine different rivets and clips on our replacement parts page.

Sled Runners or Saddle Glides

Sled runners go under the bottom of your chaise lounge to protect your seat’s tubing. We have replacement sled runners here. Saddle glides are also placed on the bottom of your chaise lounge on the tube legs that rest on the ground. These glides protect the tubes from wear and tear, making the furniture last longer.

Adjustment Brackets

Adjustment brackets are placed in the back of your chaise lounge which regulates how much you recline. Whether you want a full recline or a partial recline, you can be sure to relax at your leisure with our adjustment brackets.

How to Replace Your Chaise Lounge Parts

You can fix it up and give your chaise lounge a facelift with our replacement parts. Most parts are easy to install, especially if you follow our tutorial guides and videos. We have a general, detailed guide on how to repair your patio furniture here.

Tutorials and Video Guides

We have lots of advice available on our website to help you in choosing and installing parts for your chaise lounge repair. This section is full of hyperlinks to help you at every step of the way, taking you directly to the relevant page.

For your sling chaise lounge repairs, you can find everything you need to know to replace your slings in this handy guide: How To Replace A Chaise Lounge Sling. Replacing the sling end caps is straightforward too, thanks to our How to Measure and Install Sling Rail Endcaps tutorial.

For your strap type chaise lounges, it is important to know how to order the right vinyl strapping. We can help you with this with our explanation and tutorial How to Order the Right Vinyl Strap Roll. Next, you will need to know How to Make the Straps from a Strap Roll before learning how to replace the straps.

If choosing the right rivets is something that you are struggling with, take a look at our blog post on How to Pick the Right Rivet. For adjustment bracket replacement help, we have created this How To tutorial.

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BEFORE YOU MEASURE READ THIS: Regular Slings vs. Euro-Style Slings

BEFORE YOU MEASURE READ THIS: Regular Slings vs. Euro-Style Slings

Are you having issues taking the correct measurement for your replacement slings? Fret not. This article is for you!

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The Guide to Patio Furniture Repair Parts

The Guide to Patio Furniture Repair Parts

There's much confusion in the world of patio repairs about which part is used for each repair. This confusion comes from the manufacturer's wide use of custom parts, the customers not being sure what part would work, and the part retailers naming each part differently. Some parts fit a wide variety of furniture while others are only made for specific collections. Let's start with: 

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