10 Sunbrella Patio Cushions Ideas You Won't Want to Miss!

Whether your patio cushions are worn and tired, or you just fancy a change, Sunbrella has some great replacement patio cushions. Your patio should be the heart of your outside space and one way to rejuvenate its look is by replacing your furniture cushions.

Who is Sunbrella?

Sunbrella is a fabric and upholstery company that has been up and running for almost 60 years! They are really knowledgeable in the field of fabrics and their textiles are second to none. Undeniably, their fabric is both beautiful and functional. You can read about why we love Sunbrella fabrics here. Although Sunbrella fabrics are made in many places around the world, the main factory is based in South Carolina. You can read more about Sunbrella and what they sell on their website.

New design ideas for your patio cushions

Sunbrella has over 248 different fabric colors and textures! That’s a lot to choose from. Let’s look at 10 ideas to help you narrow down your search!

  1. Canvas Sunflower Yellow

Brighten up your garden with this lovely yellow fabric! We love how this fabric goes with any style of furniture and really adds a summery element to any outdoor space. Imagine filling your flowerbeds with yellow flowers or contemporary colors like purples and violets!

  1. Canvas Tangerine

Another way of brightening up your patio is with this lovely tangerine. Imagine sitting with a bright blue clear sky complemented with a stunning orange fabric.

  1. Canvas True Blue

We love the Sunbrella True Blue shade as it adds a brightness to a patio but will always remain a popular choice. After all, who doesn’t love a color that reminds them of the clearest of oceans?

  1. Canvas Sky Blue

If you’re wanting a lighter blue shade, the Canvas Sky Blue fabric is great. Whatever the weather, this color makes you think of blue sky so you can enjoy it even on a gray day.

  1. Dupione Aloe

For more subtle colors, the Dupione Ribbed range is great. We love the Aloe color. It’s a subtle green shade that goes well with any style of cushion. What’s more, the natural tone of this fabric means that you can combine lots of different foliage and flowers in your planters and garden.

  1. Dupione Paradise

If you like the Dupione style of fabrics but want something a bit more colorful, we love the Dupione Paradise. It’s a slightly brighter green than the aloe and has yellow tones.

  1. Cast Petal

If you’re more into your neutral shades, you’ll love the Sunbrella Neutrals. Opt for Cast Petal for a pink neutral shade that will look lovely and romantic in a traditional style patio.

  1. Cast Slate

Gray is in fashion and is set to stay there for the foreseeable future. We love the Cast Slate fabric but there are other grays in this style too such as Cast Silver or Cast Shale.

  1. Stripes – Cabana Classic

Sunbrella has some great stripes in their fabric range. The Cabana Classic is your simple black and white traditional stripe. This would look great on any style of furniture and with any style cushion.

  1. Stripes – Colorful options

If you’re wanting something more eye-catching, the Brannon Redwood will add color without being particularly bright. For brighter stripes, Bravada Limelite has blue and green tones or go for Dolce Mango for your pinks and oranges.

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