3 Reasons To Use Patio Furniture as Indoor Furniture

For new home owners and those eternal interior designers of their home, there’s nothing more exciting than decorating or redecorating the different areas where family life happens. After all having the same dining room set or sofa set can get old after a couple of years. There’s a great selection of indoor furniture always readily available online and in showrooms near you, however, if you’d like to think outside the box and do something radically different from the norm, you could use patio furniture as living room or dining room furniture! It gives you a fresh new touch that you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s 3 reasons why using patio furniture as your indoor furniture is a solid idea.

Reason 1- Patio Furniture is Damage Resistant

Since patio furniture was designed sturdy against weather elements such as rain, snow, hail and sun, its also resistant when it comes to imaginative children with crayons, pets who love to chew on furniture and any stains that may happen from a night of wine with friends. Specifically, outdoor furniture made from Marine Grade Polymer (MPG), which is a material originated in the boating industry to use for deck furniture, can be extremely resistant to any damage that furniture is vulnerable to. MPG furniture cleans easily (even the hardest stains come off), its very difficult to dent, and when dented its very easy to fix, so you can be sure that even if your dog likes to bite the legs on furniture chairs, this furniture will live without a scratch. Another alternative is aluminum sling furniture, since the aluminum alloy was created as resistant as possible, your dog wont event want to chew on it. The sling on aluminum furniture is easily cleaned (watch tutorial), even if your child has colored it with crayons, so that you can be sure to have great looking sling furniture for years after the child is done with the coloring phase.




Reason 2- More Bang For Your Buck

Indoor patio furniture can be very pricey, with quality sets ranging from $2,000-3,000 and depending on the materials they bring none of the durability. Outdoor patio furniture, offers more bang for your buck because of the durability and ease of repairing or restyling your set. Even if you invest $2,000 in a aluminum sling patio set or MPG cushion set, you can be sure of a few things:

  1. If the patio set suffers any damage, such as broken slings, you can easily and cost effectively order new slings in a new color and have a brand new set again.
  2. When you grow bored of the same style of cushion, for example, you can purchase new cushions for a fraction of the price it would cost to buy a new patio set, and thus effectively redesigning your home in a jiffy!
  3. Patio furniture is designed to last many years even decades, and if placed indoors it will last you until you decide to change it for a new patio set in 2030.
  4. For all repairs on patio furniture, you can always send the pieces to your local patio repair shop (click here if you need help choosing one), and have them refinish, repaint and redo any damages. Once back from the shop, youll have your indoor patio furniture as good as new.




Reason 3- Versatile like you wouldnt imagine!

Patio furniture is versatile, the same set that can go indoors, can also go outdoors and/or vice versa. This means for example, that the same rocker chair that grandma might like to lounge on can be moved outdoors for her to enjoy the garden view on summer afternoons, and then moved back indoors at night time. This versatility means that patio furniture is easy to move, since its made with durable yet very light materials so that owners can move it in their patios wherever they wish. Taking advantage of this benefit, we can easily have patio furniture that cameos as indoor furniture regularly, and then become backyard furniture for summer outdoor parties.

Lastly, using patio furniture as indoor furniture is a timeless investment that'll simply give you more value for the dollar amount invested. If this article sparked your attention and youre ready to shop patio furniture as indoor furniture, visit our store for a selection of perfect pieces. And if you are not sure what type of patio furniture to shop for as indoor furniture, here is an article that will give you guidelines as to what patio furniture types go great indoors.

Happy Decorating!

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