Essential equipment for your patio furniture repair parts toolbox

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. So said Benjamin Franklin, and frankly, we couldn't agree more. These are words to live by when it comes to keeping your patio garden furniture in shipshape condition.

Our ranges and brands are built to be robust, stylish and long lasting, but even the most sturdy patio furniture will endure wear-and-tear over time, after summers of hosting friends, family and all your loved ones. With this is mind, we heartily recommend keeping a patio furniture repair parts kit, for all those occasions where you're caught short at the last minute. Heres our handy guide to some to some of the most useful spare parts you can stock your toolbox with:


These little doodads are the punctuation marks of chair, table and chaise legs small but essential. When they perish, or in some cases mysteriously disappear, its best to replace them as soon as possible, to avoid both damage to your patio furniture and those unpleasant scraping noises that happen when metal thats dragged across the floor isn't capped appropriately. Pick from black and white plastic or clear vinyl.  


Very similar to chair end protectors, but more likely to be found at the end of aluminum tubing on patio and pool furniture, including sling rails. A must for the serious patio furniture repair parts aficionado!


These are the handy, subtly rounded thingamajigs installed inside the metal cup at the end of wrought iron chairs. They perform the same function as chair end caps, but have a more streamlined look and come in steel or plastic, in a range of diameters.  In the market for these patio furniture repair parts? Peep here for a handy video tutorial on how to measure up your wrought iron chair legs.


We spend most of our time enjoying life above chair level, but take a gander below, at floor level, and youre likely to spot these small but essential thingamijigs. Chair leg caps are installed inside the hollow leg of patio garden furniture and come in a variety of shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular and even multi-gauge.


Is your beloved chaise a little less sturdy than it used to be when you settle down for a midday snooze in the sun? Perhaps your favorite patio chair has gotten a little wobbly? The culprit is probably a loose, worn stud glide or missing stem bumper. These are screwed or inserted into the furniture feet and tube sides of chaise lounges. To ensure your patio furniture is always safe and sturdy, keep a handful of these in your patio furniture repair parts kit. Shop for these, and all the above essentials, here.

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