Solved: Patio Chair Repair Mesh or Sling?

If you have been trying to find an answer to the issue of "patio chair repair sling", you have come to the right place! Indeed, although these chairs are quite enduring, they are still not invincible to damage, especially with frequent use and exposure to outdoor elements. Today, we will run you through the basic steps on how to do a proper patio chair repair sling and help you keep your outdoor furniture in great shape.

How to Replace a Broken Sling

First of all, whether you call it a mesh chair or a sling chair, it actually refers to one and the same thing. These patio chairs might go by different names but the way to repair them is basically the same. There are a few minor differences depending on whether your chair has a separate seat and backrest or just a single fabric piece. In any case, here are the very easy steps that you can follow.

1. Measure the Sling

In order to do a proper patio chair repair sling, you need to get a replacement sling from a furniture shop. To get the right sling, you need to measure its dimensions. For a single-piece sling, you only need to measure the top width, the bottom width, and the length. 

For a patio chair with a separate seat and backrest, you need to measure the same dimensions, but in two sets. One is for the seat and the other is for the backrest. Finally, for both types of chairs, you need to measure the rod that goes into the fabric. 

2. Acquire a Replacement 

Now that you are equipped with the correct measurements, you can go to a shop and choose a fabric for your replacement sling. One of the silver linings about having to do a patio chair repair mesh is that you get to choose a different style of fabric from the one that you had before. In other words, it's the perfect opportunity to actually give your outdoor space an upgrade. 

3. Disassembly

Once you have the replacement sling on hand, it is time to disassemble your patio chair in order to remove the broken sling. Start by prying out the end caps gently. You will typically have four or eight of these, depending on the style of your patio chair. The next thing to do is to remove one of the rails on the side of the chair to loosen the fabric, which then makes it easier for you to slide out it.

4. Installing the New Sling

The steps for putting in the new sling are essentially the same as for removing the old one, except that you do it all backward. Making sure that you have the right side up, slide the fabric all the way into the loose rail. Next, slide it into the other rail, taking care to stretch the fabric well to eliminate all wrinkles. Finally, reattach the rail that you removed, put the end caps back on, and voila – your patio chair repair sling is complete!

Tips for Repairing Patio Chairs

You can repair a patio chair by yourself using manual tools, but the job would definitely be done faster if you have a power drill and an assistant to help with all the pulling and stretching. As for buying your replacement sling, there are dozens of materials, prints, and colors that you can choose from.


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