The Guide to Patio Furniture Repair Parts

Most patio furniture repair parts suppliers understand that the functionality of your outdoor furniture is important. That's why they stock a diverse variety of outdoor furniture repair parts. In this guide we'll walk you through the most common types of repair parts so you know which one can help you repair your furniture.


How does one find the right furniture repair part?

There's much confusion in the world of patio repairs about which part is used for each repair. This confusion comes from the manufacturer's wide use of custom parts, the customers not being sure what part would work, and the part retailers naming each part differently. Some parts fit a wide variety of furniture while others are only made for specific collections. Let's start with: 


Wrought Iron Chair Glides

These glides are specially formulated to protect your outdoor areas from damage caused by the legs of wrought iron furniture. They also help balance the chairs and provide extra support when seated to prevent undue force on the leg-ends.

How to find the perfect fit?

Before going shopping online make sure you measured the inner diameter of the wrought iron cup area where the glide will be installed. The most common size is 1 1/2 inches however these can vary.

Chair Leg Protectors

These are used to slide over furniture legs that do not have a cup shape at the bottom. Chair leg protectors protect the legs of your wooden chairs and reduce the risk of moisture getting into the legs from wet weather or damp areas. It also protects surfaces such as your deck from scuff marks from chairs that are moved especially under duress such as when someone is seated in the chair.

How to find the perfect fit?

Measure the outer diameter of the furniture feet to determine which size you'll need.

Chair Leg Inserts

These inserts come in a variety of shapes to fit most modern patio furniture. These inserts slot inside hollow chair and table legs. They provide protection from surface moisture and protect the surfaces the furniture is standing on from scrapes and scuffs.

How to find the perfect fit?

Measure the inner diameter of the furniture feet to determine which size you'll need. Remember these come in round, oval, rectangle and square sizes.

Stud Glides

These are screw-on glides designed for chaise lounges with tube sides and furniture that need screw-on feet. Easy to screw on and can be used to stabilize your chairs and tables as well.

How to find the perfect fit?

To determine the size of thread- take the leg to the hardware store and screw on sizes of nuts until you find the size that fits correctly. (Note that sometimes they are metric).

Stem Bumpers

These bumpers are made from hard plastic and are easy to adjust when needed. They are usually used to close holes in the frames of furniture especially chaise lounges.

How to find the perfect fit?

Stem bumpers average around 1/4 so that's a good idea of the size that you will need.

Chair End Caps

These are used to give your chairs a classic finished look while keeping your furniture in place. They are available in a variety of designs.

Rectangle Chair Leg Inserts

Ideal for rectangular shaped chair legs. Easy to fit and easy to remove as needed.

Oval Inserts

Suitable for oval-shaped chair and table legs. Variety of designs to fit most oval legged patio furniture.


Sling Furniture

Replacement Slings

The slings are the mesh that you sit on for certain types of patio furniture. Sling furniture is water proof and thus makes great choice for pool or beach side lounging.

You can replace the slings on sling type furniture once they are broken, sun damaged or saggy.

 Here you will find complete tutorials on how to do the replacements:


Sling Rail End Caps

Sling rail ends are installed at the end of the rails on sling furniture to create a neater finish and hold the new sling in place. These are the same as the regular end caps but differ in that they come in many shapes


Vinyl Strap Furniture

Replacement Straps

Whether you want to upgrade, repair or just change the color, we can supply rolls of vinyl strapping to repair or redo your vinyl strap furniture. Made from 100% vinyl that is a durable and cost-effective option for renewing your patio furniture.

Pre-Cut Vinyl Straps

These straps are suitable for a quick fix for your vinyl patio furniture. Comes in a variety of colors to match your outdoor look/deco. The strips are pre-cut to the length you need, saving you time and hassle. 

Fasteners for Strap Installation

These fasteners are ideal for easy installation of straps. There are various fasteners available to ensure that the straps on your vinyl furniture are secured to prevent stretching and breakage as far as possible.


Chaise Lounge

Sled Runners

Slip these under your chaise lounges to protect the tubing. The half-round tubing protects the sled of your chairs and the surfaces they rest on.

Saddle and Sled Glides

These glides are ideal installation onto the bottom of chaise lounges as added protection. They do not slide off and they are perfect for any weather conditions.

Adjustment Brackets

Ideal for adjusting reclining levels on patio furniture such as chaise lounges. They help with back support and provide comfort for the user and keep the chair at the required reclined angel.


Swivel Rocker & Glider

Swivel Seat Posts

Our swivel seat posts are designed not to rust, making them perfect for outdoor swivel chairs. The best part is that you can spray paint them to fit in with your decor.

Rocker Spring Plates

These plates are used in conjunction with swivel seat posts. They replace the moving mechanisms on rocker, glider and swivel chairs.

Glider Bearing Arms

Assists with maintaining the rocking motion in chairs. Get your rocker back into perfect rocking order in no time.



Table Parts

Clips, bumpers, ring sets and more. These table parts are universal and can be used for any variety of pool and patio furniture. From glass table bumpers to table rim clips, we can assist you in getting your furniture back into tip-top condition.


These tires come in a variety of sizes. You need to know what size your furniture needs before purchasing the tires. Used for moveable tables, decorative pieces and more. Ensure that you measure the rim before determining the tire size you need.

Umbrella Parts

Umbrella clips are used to ensure the fabric used as shade on the umbrella structure is placed and held in the desired place. This helps protect you from having the fabric blow off during inclement weather but still allows for easy fabric exchange when you want to renew it or change the decor.

Spray Paint

Provides protection for your furniture and maintains the desired color. You can use spray paint on almost any replacement parts to prevent them from sticking out from the rest of the furniture design. Keep your furniture looking new and unblemished by spray painting with the color of your choice.

No matter what your outdoor furniture requires to get it looking great again, a good patio furniture repair parts supplier should have the necessary parts available to assist you. All products should be designed to be easy to use and fitted by most DIY minded people.

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