BEFORE YOU MEASURE READ THIS: Regular Slings vs. Euro-Style Slings

 Are you having issues taking the correct measurement for your replacement slings? Fret not. This article is for you!


Regular Slings vs Euro-Style Slings… What’s the difference?

Answer: The Frame-Sling Configuration Type!

Regular slings come with edge pockets where the plastic rods are inserted. Then the fabric is slid onto the frame of the sling without any extra folding.



Euro-style sling frames have plastic rods as well, but they operate differently. Here, the plastic rod is usually smaller which means the pocket where it’s inserted is also smaller. Then the sling rod is inserted into the frame and the fabric is folded once. This is what makes this sling configuration "euro-style."



Euro-Style Slings Require More Fabric

The "folding" of fabric in euro-style slings must be considered when calculating the amount of fabric required for replacement. Because regular slings do not require the fabric to be folded, they take up less fabric.


Measuring Euro-Style Slings

  • Remove the sling fabric from your chair completely, leave the rails in place.
  • Measure the visible fabric width (don’t take into consideration the fabric inside the frame).
  • Then measure the length of the rail from top to bottom.
  • Measure the sling rod (plastic stick) too, if it’s smaller than the ones we offer then you will have to reuse your old sling rod. We've got two sizes to choose from 1/4" and 7/32".
  • Euro Style slings typically have the small rail opening- avoid using thicker fabrics that start with FW and FP.
  • Stick to the fabrics starting with FS, F8, F2, and FT


Do you have regular slings? No problem! Here’s how to measure those too:


Measuring Regular Slings

  • Leaving the sling fabric on the chair, grab a measuring tape and start by measuring the visible portion of the fabric.
  • Measure the width at the top and the bottom of the chair. Make sure you place the tape a few inches from the top and bottom because the rails sometimes veer outward at the end and we don’t want that measurement.
  • Then measure the length of the rail from top to bottom.
  • Measure the sling rod (plastic stick) too, we've two sizes to choose from 1/4" and 7/32".



For the euro-style chairs, to avoid calculating inadequate amounts of required fabric, ensure that don’t measure the fabric that is inside the frame, we already take that into account on top of the measurements you provide.




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