What Size Umbrella do I need for a 48” Table?

Finding the right-sized patio umbrella for your outdoor table is an important task. The umbrella will help to transform your table and allow you to use it so much more when you are protected from the sun's harmful rays. You want to make sure that you have an umbrella that perfectly fits your table, so that your friends and family can spend all day outdoors, relaxing in the shade.




When it comes to umbrella sizing, there are two main measurements that you need to be aware of: the size of the canopy and the length of the pole.

Size of the canopy

The size of the canopy, or how large the umbrella canvas is.

If your table is 48”, you actually want to make sure that your umbrella is slightly larger than this. Getting an umbrella that is a little larger than the table means that the umbrella will easily provide shade for the entire tabletop, but also enough shade for the seats surrounding it. People can relax in the chairs without worrying that their back is getting burnt.

 Shopping Tip: the biggest option is not always the best. 

You don’t want to feel as though your umbrella is completely overshadowing your seating arrangement, but rather it is the perfect-sized accompaniment. We recommend getting an umbrella that is large enough to cater to the shade needs of your 48” table and corresponding chairs but doesn’t feel as though the biggest umbrella available is the best option.

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Length of the pole

The other measurement that will have a significant impact on the umbrella you choose for your outdoor table should be the length of the pole.

This will determine how tall your umbrella is.

Shopping Tip: in most cases, the general rule to follow is the larger the canopy, the higher the umbrella.

For a 48” table you don’t need an excessively tall umbrella - because the canopy is not that big, you don’t need to even it out by making the pole taller.

The length of the umbrella pole is not as important as the size of the canopy, but it still has very practical purposes. No matter what size your umbrella is, you still need to ensure that people can stand or sit underneath comfortably, without having to stoop.

Therefore you should always make sure that your pole is at least 7 feet tall (although most umbrellas generally are taller than this anyway, regardless of size).

Buy a high-quality umbrella for your outdoor table

If you have more questions about the right-sized umbrella for your patio table, talk to an expert. At Sunniland Patio, our staff are highly trained with years of experience working with outdoor umbrellas. They will be able to give you the right advice for your specific space, helping you find exactly what you need. Sunniland Patio offers a range of umbrella products that are fully customizable, and all made from durable materials. For a list of umbrellas that would work well with a 48” outdoor table, check our full range available now.

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