Want a Light & Airy Backyard? Add a Yellow Patio Umbrella

Need inspiration for your next outdoor umbrella? Look no further than the Sunniland Patio umbrella range in vibrant yellow. Although the color might seem daunting, it helps to bring light into any outdoor space, helping to make it feel larger and more like a space where you want to spend your time.

Why go for a yellow patio umbrella?

There are numerous reasons why a yellow umbrella would add the perfect finishing touch to any garden or patio.

The brightness of the canvas will help to enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor living space, making it feel a little more like spring or summer every day.


Although darker-colored umbrellas are generally more popular, they can often make your garden appear much smaller and closed in, creating a sense of claustrophobia. Yellow umbrellas do the complete opposite, making your space feel light and airy.

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Yellow umbrellas your way

If you really want to stand out, why not go for a patterned yellow umbrella? These patterned umbrellas help to tone down the brightness of the yellow canvas a little, but they make up for it with the bold style.

Your umbrella doesn’t need to be hidden in the corner, instead, it can be a focal point in your garden, one that serves to enhance the existing design and color scheme.



You can incorporate yellow into any type of umbrella, to suit your needs and preferences. Yellow canvases still come in a range of sizes and shapes, to allow you to express total creativity.

Because yellow is such a bold color, smaller umbrellas stand out just as much as larger alternatives. Even if you only have minimal outdoor space, a yellow umbrella will help to completely transform it.

You can also experiment with the shape of the canvas - although traditional umbrellas are octagonal in shape, square alternatives are becoming more popular.



Both options are great, and cater to slightly different aesthetic tastes, meaning that everyone can find a choice they like.

Maintaining a yellow umbrella

Because yellow is such a light color, it is definitely more prone to fading fast. This should not deter you from buying one, as there are ways that you can prevent this. First of all, make sure that you are investing in a high-quality umbrella. Better-quality umbrellas tend to hold their color better because the canvas undergoes different dyeing processes, preventing them from washing out too fast. It is also recommended that you always close and store your umbrella when not in use, to prevent any unnecessary fading caused by the sun. If you follow these steps, your yellow umbrella will light up your patio for years to come.

Where can I buy a yellow patio umbrella?

Feel free to check out the full range of the yellow umbrellas that we offer here at Sunniland Patio. We work hard to provide our customers with products that we know are high-quality, and tailored to fit your specific needs. Our experienced staff are always ready to help, and we can answer any questions you might have about how to find the perfect yellow umbrella for your home.

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