Orange Patio Umbrellas Are The New Black!

When trying to decide what umbrella to buy for your patio or garden, orange is probably not your first choice. But for a change, we want to show you just how amazing and versatile this color can really be!

Why go for orange?

Summer is fast approaching, and you are going to want to make the most of your outdoor living space. An umbrella is a perfect addition to your patio, as it provides much-needed protection from the sun, without blocking out too much natural light.

An orange umbrella will help to lighten up your garden, keeping your open spaces looking fresh and inviting. - Owner of Sunniland Patio.

The warm orange hues also contrast with the cooler tones that are generally found in gardens. If you have a lush green lawn or even a pool, their natural beauty will stand out even more against a bright orange umbrella.



For an extra touch that really stands out, why not go for a pattern that incorporates orange? Striped umbrellas are a classic design that will help your umbrella stand out for all the right reasons. This can also be a great way to incorporate orange without having it overpower your garden. The different-colored stripes help to calm down such a bold color, while still retaining all of the benefits of such a warm tone.

orange patio umbrella

Take the time to find an umbrella that is right for you

There is so much diversity when it comes to umbrellas, and picking the color of the canopy is just one element. Umbrella canopies are traditionally octagonal in shape, but why not try something new? In more recent times, square-shaped umbrellas are becoming more and more popular. They offer a more modern style to complement your garden, and they offer just as much shade.

If you want something that is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, you may also want to consider purchasing an orange umbrella that comes with an auto-tilt feature.



This is a mechanism on the pole that allows you to tilt the canopy of the umbrella so that it is always blocking the sun, without having to move the whole umbrella. This is a convenient choice for those whose gardens receive direct sunlight throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky.

Look after your umbrella properly

When it comes to brightly-colored umbrellas, a significant concern is fading on the canopy. Prolonged exposure to the sun is known to bleach fabrics, leaving them looking old and worn. The canopy and pole can also experience damage due to other weather patterns, such as extreme winds or lightning. Make sure that you always close your umbrella when not in use, so that the canopy is not exposed to the harsh elements unnecessarily.

You should also make sure that your orange umbrella is high-quality. This will help you to find a bright color that you love, and one that will last.

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