3 Tips For Buying Balcony Umbrellas

Balconies are a great place to relax, especially for those whose outdoor space is limited. Umbrellas make a great addition to any home, by providing shade without blocking out all the natural light for inside your home. Give your balcony a brand new look with a new umbrella, just in time for summer.

Don’t buy an umbrella that is too big

Most balconies tend to be quite small, so you don’t want to make them feel even more claustrophobic. Purchasing a large umbrella will ensure that you have adequate shade, but it may make your balcony feel much smaller than it is, creating a sense of claustrophobia. Opt for a medium or small-sized umbrella that gets the job done, but still lets natural light in.



 If you are concerned about not getting enough shade, you can always buy an auto-tilt umbrella. These models come with a tilt mechanism in the pole so that you can move the canopy to always face the sun. This ensures that no matter what time of the day it is, your balcony will always be in the shade, without feeling like you are completely covered.

Opt for a lighter color

balcony umbrella

For most people, their balconies will only get limited at different periods of the day. In order to shield yourself and others from the harmful UV rays without losing any natural light, go for an umbrella with a light-colored canvas. This helps to keep your space looking bright, and it can also help to make it feel larger, not smaller.

Getting an umbrella with a patterned canvas is also a great way to brighten up your balcony, and add a touch of personal style. Stripes are becoming popular again for summer, and it can help you add some fun into your outdoor space, no matter how big or small it is. You can never go wrong with a bright red-and-white striped umbrella, and the bright shades act as an amazing contrast against any foliage on your balcony, bringing out the color even more.

Invest in a high-quality umbrella



Paying a little more for an umbrella that is going to last longer is definitely worth it in the long run. Take the time to find a good umbrella that you are happy with that will last for years, not just a season. Although high-quality umbrellas do cost more upfront, you will save money in the long run by not needing to repair or replace it as often.

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