The Lookbook for Red Patio Umbrellas

Can’t decide what kind of umbrella to pick for your patio? Why not go for something bold that stands out. A bright red umbrella is a great way to spice up any outdoor living space, and it no longer has to look tacky. Opting for a red umbrella can look great if you choose the right option for your space, which can be easy when you have a great range to choose from.


Square Umbrella

If you want something a little more modern, opt for a square-shaped canvas. Square umbrellas actually provide more shade than octagonal or circular ones, so this adds practical benefits to your choice. The angular style can stand out a little more than a common octagonal shape, and combined with a bold red hue, your garden will be remembered.

Octagonal Umbrella

This classic, octagonal shape helps to bring a retro style to any patio while still looking modern and new. The beauty of this type of umbrella lies in its versatility - it works with any garden or patio. The bright color helps your umbrella to stand out, while the old-school style ties in beautifully with any existing furniture, regardless of their design.

Bigger is always better

If you want a bright red umbrella, you want it to stand out! Make sure that you opt for a larger canvas, to really get the full effect. Not only is this a great practical choice (a larger umbrella offers more shade and protection), but it brightens up your whole outdoor living space. This is perfect if the rest of your garden or patio is very neutral, as it offers a large amount of color for very little effort. Red umbrellas also look great in contrast to the sparkling blues of pools, making both elements of your garden stand out.

Update your technology

Umbrellas have been around for decades and they have improved significantly in terms of their technology. The materials used are stronger and more durable, designed to last longer. One thing that most people will appreciate when it comes to purchasing a new umbrella is a crank lift. Outdoor umbrellas may get a lot of use, but they aren’t designed to be left open all the time. They should be closed when not in use to prevent unnecessary damage. Crank lift mechanisms make this job so much easier. Simply turn the handle to open your umbrella up, and then turn it the other way to close it back down.


Another great feature to consider for your next umbrella is an auto-tilt mechanism. These allow you to move the umbrella canvas in any direction you want, blocking out the sun without having to move your entire umbrella. You can now enjoy your outdoor space at any time of the day, thanks to your tilting red umbrella.

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