Stylish Wicker Outdoor End Tables for Every Patio

Adding outdoor furniture to your patio is a great way to bring style and comfort to your outdoor living space. End tables are the perfect addition, because not only are they practical, but they don’t take up too much space. They offer a perfect surface for a plate or your wine glass, without obstructing your patio. If you want a coffee table but can’t afford the space, an end table is a perfect compromise.


Whether you just need a single wicker end table for your patio, or you are looking to invest in a couple, there are numerous great options available at Sunniland Patio. Wicker doesn’t have to be old and outdated, there are a number of contemporary styles available that go with any patio, and will modernize your outdoor living space.



This is the perfect wicker outdoor end table to go with any patio. It’s small enough to fit wherever you need, while still functioning as a place to rest items. It is also hollow, creating further space to store items you may not want lying directly on your patio surface. The coloring is neutral and the natural wicker style fits in seamlessly with existing furniture. Mix and match style for an eclectic aesthetic, or completely overhaul your patio with the rest of the furniture from the Coronado range.



The Miami outdoor end table is the perfect centerpiece for any modernized patio. The Miami collection is not actually wicker furniture, it is made from striated rope. This creates a similar kind of style to wicker, but one that appears to be more modern and minimalist. Its unique shape and design can spice up even the dullest of patios, encouraging you to enjoy your outdoor living space more. The white color and the marble top make this table stand out, and this is perfect for bringing a monochrome patio to life. The white color means that this end table is still neutral enough to work well with any outdoor living space, brightening up your patio and working well with any potential existing color scheme.



The Milano end table is very similar to the Miami option, except it helps to create an entirely different feeling for your patio or deck. The end table is made from striated rope, with a solid top that can hold your drinks or a platter of food to share. Place one in the center of your patio for a communal surface, or tuck a couple neatly beside chairs and loungers for the ultimate convenience. This end table is more of a charcoal gray shade compared to the bright white Miami version, which helps to blend in rather than stand out. It is practical and it looks good, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be the centerpiece when it comes to your decking. Its shade is neutral enough that you can easily add it to your existing patio set up, or you can choose to overhaul your patio with an entire Milano outdoor furniture set.


Get your new wicker outdoor end table from Sunniland Patio

At Sunniland Patio, we strive to offer our clients the latest in style and functionality. All of our new collections were chosen specifically for their high-quality standard and great aesthetics. If you want to browse our full range of outdoor end tables, feel free to check out our full range of outdoor end tables on our website.

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