Lookbook for Striped Outdoor Umbrellas

For many people, striped outdoor umbrellas bring back nostalgic memories of childhood. Perhaps your family used to take one to the beach during summer vacations, or you used to relax under one in your own back yard. Everyone has their own fond memory of these, and they’re coming back in style. Brighten up your own outdoor living area with a striped umbrella, and help to create enjoyable memories for your children to look back on, just as you do.

Back in style

For a long time, striped umbrellas were seen as tacky and outdated. They were associated with fond memories of youth, but they were meant to be left in the past. But as many trends seem to do, they have circled back around to being in high demand. They are currently seen as the hottest item to have in your back yard. Trendy and bold, these umbrellas will make everyone jealous.


They help to brighten up any space...

If you want to add some color and life into your garden or patio, opt for a brightly striped outdoor umbrella. You can go for a red and white nautical theme, or something a bit more unique, like yellow and white. Stripes are a great pattern because not only do they help to add another dimension to the umbrella (and therefore the overall space), they are not necessarily as bold as a single-colored umbrella. You can mute bright tones with a contrasting neutral shade like white.


...Or they can also be as muted as you want

For those who are aiming for a slightly more mature look but still love the idea of stripes, you can have the best of both worlds. Opt for stripes in alternating muted colors, such as white and khaki. If your umbrella is hanging over your pool, blue and white stripes go together perfectly without standing out too much, because the blue just helps to brighten up the water. The blue also blends seamlessly with a bright sky, helping to lighten your patio or garden, even when it is protected by the canvas. Even a classic pairing of black and white stripes can bring class to an outdoor space, with added depth and style to make it look more interesting. There are ways to make a striped outdoor umbrella suit any backyard aesthetic, so there is no reason for you to miss out on the fun.

Bring them into the new decade with modern technology

Reviving old styles is a great way to revamp your outdoor living space, but that doesn’t mean you have to make do with outdated technology. Opt for an auto-tilt striped umbrella in your garden or patio. These umbrellas have a frame with a joint so that the umbrella canvas can be shifted and tilted towards the sun, without having to move the entire umbrella. This way, you can enjoy your outdoor living space at any time of the day, and always be protected by the striped canvas.

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