Types of Rectangular Chair Leg Inserts

If you are looking for rectangular chair leg inserts to install into your patio or garden furniture, we are here to tell you all about it.

Why use Rectangular Chair Leg Inserts

Protect Your Flooring

Many types of patio and outdoor furniture these days have rectangular legs. Adding rectangular chair leg inserts can help to protect your patio and outdoor furniture, giving both increased longevity. Protecting your flooring is the principal reason that most people buy chair leg inserts for their furniture. Even if your furniture is outdoors and you are not too concerned with your flooring, they are still ideal to protect it. Many people have scratched their decking of their beautiful Spanish effect outdoor tiles by causally scraping their furniture over their outdoor floors. And, let’s face it, a few pieces of plastic as rectangular chair leg inserts are a lot more cost effective than replacing your flooring.

Protect Your Chairs

Aside from protecting your flooring, the chair leg inserts also serve to protect your chairs! That constant scraping of metal on paving will wear down metal legs over time and make sharper edges if they are not protected by chair leg inserts.

Protect Yourselves

Rectangular chair leg inserts can also help to stabilize your furniture so that it does not topple or slip easily. When some outdoor flooring types are wet with rain, after watering the plants, or after cleaning, they can become a lot more slippery and unsafe. Sitting on patio furniture without leg inserts can cause the chair to slip backward and you to fall. Using chair leg inserts can help prevent this.

Types of Rectangular Chair Leg Inserts

Here, at Sunniland Patio, we have seven types of rectangular chair leg inserts. Let’s have a run down.

We have domed white or black plastic rectangular chair leg inserts measuring 1 ½” x ¾” or regular white or black plastic rectangular chair inserts in the same measurements. We also have Winston Angled rectangular chair leg inserts that also come in black or white. Finally, we have multigauge white plastic rectangular chair legs inserts which can fit in chairs with various size diameter legs.

Choosing the Correct Size of Rectangular Chair Leg Inserts

To measure your leg insert, make sure your chair leg hole is back to its original size. It will be too difficult to install if your chair legs have been too damaged and worn. You then need to take the inside measurements of the chair leg, from one wall to the other, long sides and short sides so that you know which side to buy. Use a tape measure or a ruler with precision. For further advice on how to measure leg inserts, see our page here.

How to Install Rectangular Chair Leg Inserts

Firstly, ensure that you have bought the correct size chair leg inserts. If your metal chair legs have become worn, you may need to coax them back into the correct shape using a screwdriver to pry any bits out of the way.

Domed inserts work well, particularly if your chair legs are on an angle. To start inserting them, push it in a little by hand and finish off by using a hammer if needed. It should only need a little tap rather than a full-on whack! For further advice on how to install your chair leg inserts, see our dedicated page here.

You should then have fully repaired chair legs which will stand the test of time for many years to come.

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