How to Measure Chair Leg Inserts

Today Im going to show you how to measure a chair leg insert, also known as a cap or glide.

Here is a leg that hasnt had a cap or insert for a long time. This has resulted in the metal being very worn into the frame showing why its a good idea to replace your caps as soon as they need it. Dont put it off!

To measure, were going to trace inside the hole with a screwdriver and try to get as much metal out as we can to get a good dimension by expanding the hole to its original size. You have to grind it out until its pretty good, kinda where the original was.

This is important because were going to measure the inside by taking the inside diameter. Thats from one inside wall to the other. Then well know what glide to use. Take your tape measure and get a reading. This leg has a _ measurement inside, which a very common measurement. In fact there are even different options available in that size, so which do you choose?


Got the size, but which type of chair leg insert should you choose?

We'll theres a chair leg insert thats solid, this one has to be pounded in with a hammer but can fit nicely from the way we opened the leg up already. There are also chair leg inserts that are multi-gauge and sometimes it helps a little to have these flanges that bend back a little to make installation even easier. View our full range of chair leg inserts in the Sunniland online shop.

How to insert the chair leg caps

A lot of times I can press the cap in to start it off and then just finish it off with a little hammer tap. Heres another chair leg insert that has a dome, this would probably be the best suggestion for the chair leg in the video as its set at an angle. Again these are easier to fit as you can just push them in by hand and finish off with a hammer.

TIP: Domed caps tend to be best for angled legs

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