How to Install Patio Chair Leg Inserts for Your Outdoor Furniture

Today Jeff will show you how to install patio chair leg inserts. Watch the video below or read the transcription to learn how.

Looking at the hollow leg of this patio chair you can see that the hole has some worn metal into it.


If this happens just take your screwdriver and try and bend that back pry it out of the way. Get it back to its original size.

TIP: We decided that using a domed chair leg insert would probably be the best for this piece of outdoor furniture because the chair leg is at an angle.

Using a domed insert when they're available for your size works well. You can get that started a little bit by pushing the insert in by hand and then just finish it off with the hammer if needed.

Just by tapping it in and there you go there's the installation of a chair leg insert. Check out our shop for a full range of inserts, caps and glides, and get started repairing your patio furniture today.

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