Types of Patio Rocking Chairs

A patio chair can add a whole new dimension to your outdoor space. A patio chair that has a rocking or swivel motion can add even more. Chairs that rock or glide are known for their effect on relaxation levels. There’s nothing better than relaxing in the garden, and what better way to do it that adding in a rocking movement?

There are a couple of different types of patio rocking chairs. The main two types are the swivel rocker chair and the glider rocker chair.

Swivel Rocker Patio Chair

The swivel rocker chair works by having a 360° swivel mechanism meaning that the sitter can rock from side to side in a circular motion. In fact, you could do a full three-sixty spin if you so desired! Most outdoor swivel rockers are made from durable aluminum to ensure that they stay rust-free and are protected from all-weathers. Additionally, the furniture is protected from humidity, UV rays and saltwater too. This is an important part of maintaining the effectiveness of the swivel motion.

The swivel motion is perfect for relaxing in the garden and rockers such as these come with soft, padded cushions for added comfort. The chair also rocks lightly forwards and backward as well as in a swivel motion. Double the relaxation in your garden!

Glider Rocker Chair

A glider rocker chair works like a swing seat. The whole frame consists of a seat which is attached to its base by a double rocker. Gliders are sometimes used as an alternative to a traditional garden swing as they take up much less space. Gliders provide a smooth rocking back and forth motion rather like a nursery rocking chair. This is why they are such relaxing pieces of furniture to have in the garden.

Patio gliders are usually made from aluminum frames that are coated so that they are able to withstand all weathers outside. Cushions are usually weather-proof too and dry out easily. With a smooth gliding action, you will be relaxing for hours in your garden.

To Summarize

No matter what you choose, both a swivel rocker and a glider rocker patio chair will add a whole new level of relaxation to your garden. Swivel rockers spin a full circle whereas glider patio chairs only move backward and forward but both provide full garden relaxation.

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