The Ultimate Guide to Rocking Chair Replacement Parts

If you’ve got a patio rocking chair that’s been sitting around for a while, the last thing you want is for it to break, especially whilst you’re sitting on it! However, unfortunately, time and weather does have an effect even on the most looked-after and protected of chairs.

So, when the time comes when your rocking chair is in need of repair, you will need to know what parts you need to find to fix it and how to fix it too.

Types of Rocking Chair

As we outlined in our post “Types of rocking chairs”, there are two main types of patio rocking chair: the glider rocking chair and the swivel rocking chair.

What are swivel rocking chairs?
Swivel rocking chairs are chairs that can do a full 360° rotation as well as rocking gently backward and forward.

What are glider chairs?
Glider chairs have just a backward and forward gliding motion rather than a swivel or rotation movement.

Both types of chairs may need maintenance from time to time and could need fixing if they become damaged or broken. Any damage impedes on the chair’s ability to glide or swivel.

Rocking Chair Replacement Parts

There are many types of replacement parts for rocking chairs. Let’s have a look at the different parts that you might need to replace.

Swivel Seat Post

A swivel seat post is a part of the mechanism for your rotating rocking chair. Over the course of time, your swivel seat post might rust meaning you might need a new one. When you buy a replacement part, many now don’t rust. It’s also possible to spray paint them to match the existing color of your furniture.

Rocker Spring Plates

If you have a rocker patio chair, the chances are it will have spring plates. These are used with the swivel seat posts mentioned above, replacing the moving mechanisms on rocker, swivel and glider chairs.

Glider Bearing Arm

Glider bearing arm help your chair to, erm, glide! If your chair is having problems with smooth rocking, then replacing the glider bearing arms will help get you back rocking in next to no time.

Searching for Rocking Chair Replacement Parts Online

Now that you know the names of some of these replacement parts: swivel seat posts, rocker spring plates, and glider bearing arms, a simple online search will bring up lots of options about where to find these parts. But, what you need to remember is to make sure that you choose parts that are rust-resistant and, if necessary for you, parts that are able to be spray painted to match your existing parts.

How do to do these repairs?

Repairing swivel rocker chairs and glider chairs is fairly straightforward, especially when you have already sourced the replacement parts. Check out this video and this one for full instructions on how to fix your chairs. You will be back to rocking, swiveling and swinging in next to no time.

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