How to Install Sled Base Chair Glides

Sled base furniture can really last a long while. But, what is important to note is that you look after both the furniture itself as well as the floor surface on which it is placed. Sled base chairs have the potential to damage floors no matter what material the floor is made from. With beautiful wooden floors, they can become easily marked and scratched. Tile floor can become chipped. Garden decking can become dented and worn.

With sled base chair glides, this damage is limited or non-existent. However, fitting sled base chair glides can be a little tricky if you don’t know how.

Sled Base Patio Furniture

Sled base patio furniture usually comprises of a sled base chair that has tubing along the floor. Some patio furniture makers make their chairs with a welded piece onto the tube already. However, some people might find that this can scratch their flooring and so they need to remove it. To remove it you may need to unscrew it or break it off. You’ll also have to scratch or sand off the welded portion too.

Fitting Sled Base Glides

Once the tubing of your sled base chair is clean and free from any welded-on parts you will be able to fit your chosen glides. Depending on the type of glides that you have chosen, each one will need a slightly different method of fitting them on to the tubing.

Most sled base glides have a ‘force fit’ so you simply push the glide over the tubing and it clips itself into place. If you need to, you can secure the glide into place with a screw, but you may need to drill a hole first. For the most part, this will not really be necessary.

You can also get end pieces that screw into place to stop a sled base patio chair from rocking or tipping. You put the end piece in the radius position where it becomes flatter and screw it into place.

The more common sled base glides are in the form of a round tube. There are also saddle glides. Saddle glides have a stem to fit into one of the ¼” holes on the base of the furniture legs. The post goes tight into the hole so that it does not slide or move around.

To fit stud glides, you will need to position the stud glide over the ¼” holes. If the chair does not already have these holes, then they can be drilled into the frame quite easily. You can then push your stud glide into the hole. You might need the help of a mallet or a hammer at this stage to get the stud in the hole.

All Done

Once your glides are fitted, you will be free to use your furniture on your floors without the worry of them damaging your flooring. It’s well worth the effort of a few minutes’ work!

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