Top 5 Patio Umbrellas You’ll Love This Season

A patio umbrella doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it really can help to make the biggest difference to your garden, deck, or pool area. Not only do they provide practical shade, but they manage to transform your outdoor living space into an area that looks good and that you enjoy being out in. Here are the top five patio umbrella styles this season, so that you’re ready for all of the good weather to come.

  1. Go for bold and bright...

An umbrella shouldn’t just be seen as a necessity, it should bring color and life into your outdoor space. Umbrella canopies take up so much space, it makes sense to incorporate them into your design plans, rather than hoping that they blend into everything else. Bland, neutral shades are no longer in style, rather, people are turning more and more to bold reds and greens. Don’t be afraid to make your umbrella a focal point of your garden!


  1. … Or opt for nautical stripes

If you’re not comfortable enough going for a bright color, then perhaps a great compromise is a striking pattern. Striped umbrellas have been around for forever, and have recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. Of course, white stripes can still be paired with a colorful canvas, but many people may also prefer something a little more lowkey, such as navy or charcoal. This gives you the best of both worlds - colors that are easy to match with your garden aesthetic, that still stand out.


  1. Experiment with shapes

Most people gravitate towards traditionally-shaped octagonal umbrellas, but this is not the only option on the market. Square umbrellas are being seen more and more frequently. They are a great modern alternative to those who prefer the look of the sharp angles. These umbrellas are just as sturdy and can be found in a range of different sizes, to work perfectly in any garden. If you’re looking for a change, go square.

  1. Bigger is better

If you really want to make the most out of your garden, go for a larger umbrella. Larger umbrellas can provide more shade for your garden, giving your children a larger area to play in shade. It also means that you can cover an entire outdoor table or lounge set in shade, without worrying about getting burnt. The larger the umbrella is, the pole also tends to be longer as well, making you feel as though you have more space underneath it. Larger umbrellas are just as stable as smaller ones, and just as strong and durable.


  1. Choose convenience

One of the greatest innovations in umbrella technology is the auto-tilt mechanism. Are you sick of putting up your umbrella in the perfect spot, only to have the shade become useless as the sun moves? Instead of moving your entire umbrella, this mechanism allows you to tilt the canopy towards the sun. You don’t have to worry about harmful rays anymore, no matter what time of day it is.

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