The Guide to Freestanding Umbrellas

Purchasing the right umbrella for your garden, pool, or patio can feel like a difficult task. There are so many different styles and sizes to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. To make it easier for you, here at Sunniland Patio we have answered some frequently asked questions about a type of umbrella - the freestanding umbrella. This can hopefully give you a better understanding of what they are, and whether they are right for you.  


What is a freestanding umbrella?

A freestanding umbrella is just a style of outdoor umbrella that can stand up on its own. It doesn’t need to be buried in the ground, and it doesn’t need the support of a table to keep it steady (although you can still place it in the middle of an outdoor table if you wish). They usually require a heavy-duty umbrella stand that helps to keep them steady. This way you can move it easily wherever you want, to get the maximum benefit.


What are they used for?

Freestanding umbrellas function just like any other umbrella. They can be placed wherever you need them and moved easily for your convenience. They are designed to stand on their own, and can easily handle poor weather conditions such as wind and rain (although you should close them for safety).


What sizes are available?

The good news about free-standing umbrellas is that they come in a full range of sizes, perfect for any outdoor space that you want to protect with shade. Umbrellas can be customized to your exact specifications, and this includes not just the diameter of the canopy, but how tall the pole is as well. The diameter of the canopy can range from anywhere between 6.5 feet, up to 11 feet wide, and can come in either traditional octagonal or square shapes. The height of a freestanding umbrella will be determined somewhat on the size of the canopy (larger umbrellas tend to be taller), but this can also vary from anywhere between 97 and 108 inches. This way you can purchase one that works best for you.


What mechanisms are available?

Many people feel as though one of the most difficult parts of ensuring longevity in your freestanding umbrella is closing it when not in use. This can be a tricky procedure that requires a lot of effort for some people. The pulley-lift mechanism is the traditional way to open and close a freestanding umbrella, and while it’s the cheapest, it can also be the hardest to use.


A slightly more modern option is the crank-lift. With this mechanism, you don’t have to exert energy trying to deal with the weight of the umbrella canvas. You simply turn the crank handle, and that is what gets the umbrella to open or close. So many customers find this method so much more convenient and easy to use, that they find themselves opening their umbrella so much more often because they know that they can.


What brands sell freestanding umbrellas, and where can I buy them?

All reputable umbrella companies should sell freestanding umbrellas, they are an incredibly common style. If you are seriously looking to purchase one of these, make sure you buy from a company that is high-quality and long-lasting. Sunniland Patios offers their customers only the best options on the market, so you know you don’t have to look through dozens of bad models to get to the good. We are currently providing customers with a range of Frankford Monterey umbrellas, a brand that has a solid reputation for being consistent with their excellence.


What about the warranty and shipping for freestanding umbrellas?

If you choose to purchase a freestanding umbrella from Sunniland Patio, you can rest assured that your umbrella will be under warranty. We honor the manufacturer’s warranty, which is valid for up to 2 years after you buy your umbrella.


We also ship to anywhere in the United States (unfortunately, we are currently not shipping internationally. Because each umbrella is made to the customers’ specifications, it can take up to six weeks to make and ship it to your door. We offer free shipping for orders that cost $500 or more.


For more freestanding umbrella questions, feel free to reach out to Sunniland Patio. Our team is always here to help.


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