The Guide to Large Patio Umbrellas

Are you looking for a large patio umbrella for your deck? Then look no further than Sunniland Patio. They have a range of bigger options for you to choose from, and here we break down why they’re so great.

What are large umbrellas good for?

If you have a large outdoor space, you can easily feel as though you need to fill it, in order to take full advantage of it. A large umbrella is going to work for your space proportionally so that it looks perfect in your garden.

A larger umbrella also means that you can safely take advantage of more of your outdoor space, no matter what time of the day it is. Children can play outside while being protected from the sun so that they don't get burnt. You can arrange an outdoor table under an umbrella, so that you can entertain guests with meals in the shade, even at lunchtime when the sun is at its harshest.

What sizes are available?

The size of your umbrella is going to depend on the company that you purchase from, and how big their canopies can get. Generally, a large umbrella’s canopy can get as big as 11 feet in diameter, although reputable brands will offer a range of sizes. Size can also refer to the length of the pole as well - in most cases, the larger your umbrella canopy, the taller the umbrella will be. Not only is this more practical, but visually, it helps to keep your space open. Lower umbrellas can feel claustrophobic and limit your view of your garden, making it feel smaller. Bigger umbrellas don’t have this problem, and they ensure that you get an unobstructed view outside of its reach.

What kind of mechanisms are available?

As umbrellas get larger, it requires more effort to get them open and closed. Pulley-lift umbrellas are great, but they do require some manpower to get open. Luckily there have been slight developments in their mechanisms, so you have easier options available to you. One of these is the crank lift. If you purchase an umbrella with this mechanism, all you need to do is wind the handle that can be found on the side of the pole. Winding it clockwise will open the canopy, and winding it counter-clockwise will close it again.

If you want something slightly more advanced, you can also opt for an auto tilt umbrella. These models have crank lifts to open and close the canopy, but they also have a tilting function, which means you can angle the canopy as you please. You can move the canopy as the sun moves so that you are always in shade.

What brands sell large umbrellas?

If you are looking for a large umbrella for your patio, look no further than Sunniland Patio. Our umbrella canopies can reach up to 11’, perfect for providing even the largest areas with shade. These umbrellas are sturdy and durable, built to withstand the outdoor elements without ripping or breaking. All of our umbrellas are by the brand Frankford Monterey and are well-known for their durability. 

What are the warranty and shipping?

Sunniland Patio offers umbrellas from the brand Frankford Monterey. These umbrellas have a two-year warranty, which we are happy to honor.

Sunniland Patio orders your umbrella according to your specifications, so it generally takes anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks to get it shipped to your door. We offer shipping across the United States, but unfortunately at this time, we do not offer international shipping. We also offer free shipping on furniture orders of $500 or greater, for your convenience.

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