The Guide to Patio Umbrella Bases

A base is a necessity when it comes to purchasing a patio umbrella, but it can be difficult to know which one is right for you - there are so many different kinds. Here are some helpful hints to understand the different types of bases, their uses, and where the best place to buy them is.

Determine the purpose of the base

Firstly, know what you need the base for. Are you buying an umbrella to sit in the middle of your patio table, or are you looking to purchase one that will stand on it's own? These two scenarios require two very different bases. A table umbrella receives support from the table, so you can purchase a base that is specifically designed to be placed under a table. These bases tend to be a little lighter, and they are designed to fit under a table without causing inconvenience to those sitting at the table. Alternatively, free-standing bases are much heavier, and they are designed to provide an umbrella with all the support it requires to be stable, and remain upright.

Buy a base + umbrella at the same time

Always purchase your base after, or at the same time as your umbrella. Most bases have a stem with a 1.5”-2” diameter hole for the umbrella pole, but not all of them do, and not all umbrellas have the same sized pole. If you know what the diameter of your umbrella pole is, you can be certain you will find a base that fits it correctly and provides the support it needs.

Heaviest base = more support

It is always important to remember that the heavier the base is, the greater the support will be for the umbrella.

Ideally, you want the heaviest base you can afford, especially if you are looking to purchase a free-standing umbrella, or one that has a canopy diameter of 10 feet or greater.

Wheels are welcomed for freestanding umbrellas

If you are looking for a base for a free-standing patio umbrella, you may also want to consider getting one with wheels. This makes it so much easier to maneuver the umbrella if you need to, without having to dismantle it, or strain yourself moving heavy items.

Buy from the same vendor

There are a number of different places that you can buy umbrella bases from. Ideally, you want to buy your umbrella base from the same vendor as your umbrella, because then you can be sure you have a base and an umbrella from the same brand, that are designed to work together, and you know they will fit.

Last words..

A great place to purchase umbrella bases (and umbrellas) is Sunniland Patio. This is an established company that has been providing high-quality goods to Americans for over 40 years. They stock a range of different umbrella bases, to suit all needs. All of their bases (and umbrellas) are part of the Frankford range, a brand that is known for its durability and craftsmanship. 

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