Why Tilt Umbrellas Are Perfect For Your Patio

There is nothing more beautiful than sitting outside in your outdoor living space and enjoying the shade provided by an umbrella. However, as the sun moves in the sky, it can be difficult to remain protected from the harsh elements without having to move the umbrella, or yourself. 

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The perfect solution to this predicament exists - tilt umbrellas!

Although umbrellas have been around in some capacity for thousands of years, it has only been in the past few years that the traditional model received a much-needed update. The mechanism allows the canopy of the umbrella to rotate at an angle, while the pole remains stable.

A tilt umbrella is just like any ordinary patio umbrella, except you are able to tilt the angle of the canopy to block out the sun, no matter where in the sky it is.

You can control the tilt and can move it according to your needs.

There are a number of different mechanisms that can provide this function, such as a push-button, or a crank lift (that is used to extend the umbrella, and will begin tilting when it is fully extended and continues to be turned).

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Another great benefit to tilt umbrellas is that they can accommodate people of all heights. Tall people may often feel uncomfortable standing under an umbrella, as they may have to stoop to miss the rods or the supports. With a tilt umbrella, they can simply position themselves away from the canopy so that they are not forced to stand uncomfortably, but they can still take advantage of the protection it offers.

From an aesthetic perspective, a tilting umbrella that has been designed with your space in mind can be a perfect focal feature, if you opt for a bright canopy. And just like any other umbrella, they can also be closed down and stored when not in use, opening your patio space back up again when you no longer need the shade.

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Almost all good stores that sell high-quality umbrellas will also sell models with the tilting mechanism. However, physical retail stores are often limited in the selection that they offer, and it may be difficult to find the perfect umbrella in the right size and color. Sunniland Patio offers a Monterey tilt model on their website, in a number of different sizes and heights. This is a high-quality umbrella, made from fiberglass - it is flexible, and designed to withstand harsh winds without snapping. It will not rust like aluminum frames, nor will it rot like traditional wooden ones.

Not only that, but you can customize the shape and color of the canopy, as well as the finish for the pole and rods. You can find an umbrella that is the perfect finishing touch to your patio, without having to compromise on taste or practicality. You can also enjoy your outdoor space in the morning and the evening, without having to rearrange your whole garden

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