Big Patio Umbrellas for Large Sofas

If you have recently renovated your backyard, or you are looking to spruce up your patio with some new furniture, an outdoor sofa is becoming a popular (and comfortable) trend. But one thing that many people struggle with, is placing their furniture in shade, so that they can recline without having to worry about harmful UV rays. This can be difficult in many cases, which is why it is wise to invest in a patio umbrella.

When most people think of outdoor umbrellas, they picture the ones that are placed through the middle of patio tables, that are big enough to provide shade to the table, but that is about it. It is also possible to purchase a stand-alone patio umbrella. This simply means that the base of the umbrella is slightly heavier, and it provides more support to the umbrella, so that it does not require the secondary support of the table. These umbrellas can be placed anywhere, and can provide the perfect cover while you lounge.

These table umbrellas are relatively small, and likely would not provide shade for an entire outdoor lounge set. However, you can easily find a patio umbrella with a canopy diameter of 11 feet, big enough to comfortably create shade to cover your large outdoor sofa. Depending on the size of your furniture and your outdoor space, you may even opt for something slightly smaller, that still does the job.

For people with minimal space who still want maximum protection, consider purchasing a tilt umbrella. The canopy of the umbrella can be moved as the sun moves, so that you are still completely protected, whether it is the morning or the evening. Simply alter the tilt as the sun moves across the sky. This is a far more convenient alternative than moving the entire umbrella, and because the tilting can be so precise, the sun can be blocked completely using a smaller umbrella.

If you are merely looking for shade to protect your outdoor furniture, you can opt for an umbrella in neutral tones, that does the job without drawing attention. Alternatively, you can let your personality shine with a bright color or bold pattern, to bring life into your garden as well as an element of practicality.

For a high-quality umbrella, look no further than Sunniland Patio. There are a range of different models for you to choose from, to suit all needs and budgets. Each model can also be completely customized. When ordering, you can choose the size and color of your umbrella canopy, as well as the finish on the pole, as well as the height of the umbrella.

The pole is made from fiberglass - a material with some flexibility that can withstand harsh weather conditions without snapping. Fiberglass is also more durable than wood, which is liable to rot if constantly left outside, or aluminum, which can rust and corrode. The canopy is made from marine-grade acrylic fabric, and it is thoroughly quality-tested to ensure there are no issues.

No matter how large your sofa or outdoor furniture setup is, there is a high-quality umbrella available that will provide you with the protection from the sun that you need.


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