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The Best Patio Umbrella Brands

The Best Patio Umbrella Brands

It can be tough trying to find an umbrella that is within your price range and fits your specifications and taste. Here is a breakdown of some of the most reputable umbrella brands in America, and what makes them unique from the competition. Ultimately there is no superior brand, it is all down to taste and preference, but it does help to understand what each company excels at.


This is the brand that Sunniland Patio currently stocks, and for a good reason. The umbrellas are all constructed from fiberglass and marine-grade acrylic fabric for the canopy. The fiberglass frames are designed to be flexible in order to withstand harsh weather, and the canopies are easy to clean, as well as resistant to mold, nor will their color fade. The treatments on the acrylic canopies also ensure they are completely waterproof, and the material will not lose its integrity over time and use. This is a no-fuss brand that has perfected the art of a durable umbrella, yet still offers customers enough freedom to create a product that suits their tastes and needs.

California Umbrella

California Umbrella is another brand that is well-established in the umbrella industry, and for a good reason. They offer their customers a choice of material when it comes to the frame of their umbrellas - most models can be made from aluminum, steel, wood or fiberglass. All materials are known to be sturdy, and customers can exercise their complete free choice. The canopies are mostly made from canvas, but you can choose the brand that supplies it. Depending on this choice, you may opt for something that is highly UV-protective (such as Sunbrella), or you might opt for something that is slightly cheaper (such as Olefin).

Treasure Garden

Treasure garden offers their products in aluminum or wooden frames, both of which have their own pros and cons but are known to be durable. One of the benefits to this brand is that while they offer acrylic canopies like most other companies, they also offer options that are 100% recycled and made in the USA, one of the only brands to present themselves as environmentally conscious, although these fabric options may not stand the test of time like some of the others. They have a wide selection of styles and models, making this an attractive brand for those who are perhaps still looking for inspiration.

Abba Patio

This is a brand that is targeting a demographic with a smaller budget compared to these other brands. They offer slightly less choice with their range of products, however, there are still a number of different models with various features. All of their umbrellas have aluminum frames, which are said to be stronger than various other materials. The canopies are made from recycled polyester, which is UV protective, as well as waterproof. Although this may not be the highest-quality brand, they still provide a long-lasting product for a relatively lower price point, which may be of interest to many people.

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