How to Measure Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

How to Measure Patio Furniture Replacement Slings

Hey this is Jeff from Sunniland Patio. Today I'd like to show you how to replace the sling on a patio chair and do it the right way but first we need to measure the parts & order replacements.

In order to fix the chair we're going to need to have a replacement sling, so first off I'll show you is how to measure this so that you can order the correct patio furniture replacement slings online.

First we'll start up at the top rail about two inches from the top. We'll take a reading from the inside measurement just where the fabric is showing.

We're coming up just under 19 on this patio chair. Then if I go down to the where the bolt is fastened and back and take a measurement, it also comes up to 19 inches. Now down at the lower section where it's bolted to the frame here on the arm we're coming up with 19 inches again.

We want to take the average of that so we're going to use the 19 inch measurements. Sometimes you will find that there's a little more variation but as long as it's not more than a half an inch between them you can just stick to the average.

If you do see a variation that is more than a half inch, order it. That way it's smaller at the top and larger at the bottom and so forth.

Also what you'll need to do is measure the length of the sling which is going to be taken from up here at the top edge of the fabric not this cap that's also on here just take it to the edge of the fabric and keep it right to the rail and all the way down.

Sometimes it helps if you have an extra set of hands to hold it on there because we need to walk the tape measure down here. It's come out to 45 inches on this patio chair. if anything I would err on the side of caution and add an eighth of an inch longer than shorter because it's easy to tuck that into the rail.

With our new slings we provide new dowels, you also measure these as well, to see what size they are you can compare them to drill bits.

That's a good way to measure them. Most of the time they're either going to be the 7/32 or quarter inch which is the two sizes we offer with our replacement slings. So you'll have the width of your chair sling the length of your chair sling and then the dowel size if you provide those three things we can get those slings made up and shipped out lickety-split.

I hope this video was helpful for you. Now you can order your replacement sling parts and read our second blog on how to install patio furniture replacement slings to get your chair fixed in no time.

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