How to Fit Rectangular Patio Chair Leg Caps

Today Jeff is going to show you how to measure and install rectangular patio chair leg caps. Watch the video or follow the instructions below.R


Removing the old patio chair leg caps

Take a hammer and tap on the edge and usuall,y there's enough space to get the screwdriver in there and then just pry the old one out. If it does come out in pieces a lot of times you can just push it inwards. It doesn't matter that it goes into the frame. That way we have a clean hole.

Measure the outside of the frame to size the caps

Because of the funny shapes inside the patio chair leg what we're actually measuring is going to be the outside of the frame even though it's going to fit on the inside.

You'll notice on the website that we show the outside measurements to size the patio chair leg caps.


So in this case here we're going to measure the outside and we're coming up to an inch and a half. Then the width here is coming in at 3/4 of an inch so that makes a three quarter by inch and a half rectangular insert leg cap. We do sell these patio chair leg caps in the shop.

Installing the rectangular patio chair leg cap

The leg cap has the two cutouts where it fits in between the wallsof the leg so we could just start it easily by pushing it in there and then tap it in with our hammer to finish it off.

What if I can't find the right size rectangular patio chair leg cap?

Now I want to tell you a little trick. Sometimes we don't have the cap or insert that you need. Something you might consider doing is we have some pretty small caps that fit three quarter inch round frames and I find that these work in a lot of these situations when we don't have the right size.


You can actually use a round cap rather than a rectangular one. Start it into that hole and then tap it and you've got something there now and you can even do the other side of that hole get it started and cap it. This could be a good trick for a lot of cases where we don't have a size that works for you.

Maybe sometimes they're import models that you'll just never find so keep these in mind. Sometimes you can use the smaller round glides in a couple of those channels to suit your needs.

Thanks for watching have a good day! 

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