Does Your Patio Furniture Have Dry Rot? Just Replace the Slings!

Does Your Patio Furniture Have Dry Rot? Just Replace the Slings!

It's a sad fact that patio furniture slings sometimes need replacing because they're prone to dry rot if left outside. This is particularly true in damp or humid climates when they are left outside throughout winter and have no shelter to fend off the elements.

One family I know left their furniture out in the cold all winter and, come summer, they sat down on it expecting it to be fine. Wrong! They all fell through! Four patio chairs AND a lounger.What a scene that must have been!

Seriously though, take care when revisiting your furniture every summer. Give it a firm clean and once over before you sit down. You may not even realise that the fabric of the patio furniture has rotted at all. This is because dry rot is not very noticeable particularly on beige or plain color fabric slings.

The term itself is misleading. It's not about rot as such as more about microscopic mood and mildew spores that settle into the fabric when the and multiply. Spores break down cellulose fibres like cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp rayon and ramie. It happens slowly over a period of time, and until it's really far gone, you won't see a thing!

You can protect your patio furniture by purchasing a cover, erecting a gazebo or even constructing a summer house to shield it from harsher weather. However if it's just too late to save the material, you can still save the furniture by replacing it.

Some people opt to replace the fabric with wooden slats instead of a similar fabric to the one the furniture came with because it lasts longer, but wood still needs treating and care. Fabric slings are also much more comfortable and colourful than spartan wood slats and replacing them is actually easier too.

Watch Sunniland's own Jeff show you how to install patio furniture replacement slings on our YouTube channel here. Don't forget to subscribe for updates while you're there. 

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