How to Measure and Install Square Chair Leg Caps

You may have come across this page following a search for “chair leg caps square”. You have come to the right place as, here, we will help you in finding out how to measure and install square chair leg inserts in your patio furniture.

You may have noticed that we refer to them as leg inserts. This is because the leg caps are actually inserted into the empty feet of your patio furniture. At Sunniland Patio, we have a large range of square leg glides, disk glides, disk caps, square leg inserts for patio, outdoor, and pool furniture. Square leg inserts are not manufacturer specific and, therefore, if you have your required dimensions, you should be able to order the right size for your furniture with ease.

Our Square Chair Leg Caps

We have the following leg cap available in our online store (see our store page here):

  • 1” square multi-gauge chair leg insert in black
  • 1” square multi-gauge chair leg insert in white
  • 7/8” square multi-gauge dome chair leg insert in white
  • 13/16” square chair leg insert in white
  • 13/16” square teardrop chair leg protectors in clear
  • 3/4” square multi-gauge chair leg insert in white
  • 5/8” square – 1 ½” Rd Flange chair leg protector in clear
  • 5/8” square vinyl chair leg protector in clear
  • ½” square – 1 ¼” Rd flange chair leg protector in clear
  • 7/8” x 7/8” square sling insert in white

Choosing the Correct Size of Rectangular Chair Leg Inserts

To measure your square chair leg insert, make sure your square chair leg hole is back to its original size and is fully square. It will be very difficult to install if your chair’s legs have been damaged and are too worn. You need to take the inside measurements of the chair leg, from one wall to the other so that you know which side to buy. Of course, for square legs, both sides of the square should measure the same. Use a tape measure or a ruler with precision. For further advice on how to measure leg inserts, see our page here.

How to Install Rectangular Chair Leg Inserts

Firstly, ensure that you have bought the correct size chair leg inserts. If your metal chair legs have become worn, you may need to coax them back into the correct shape using a screwdriver to pry any bits out of the way. Then it should simply be a case of pushing the square chair leg insert into place. Once this is done, you can then help sustain and increase your patio furniture’s longevity, providing you with years more use and protecting the surface on which the furniture stands.

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