Why you Should Use Patio Furniture Foot Glides

Patio furniture foot glides are an essential part of every piece of patio furniture. Indeed, many people do not realize what foot glides are! Foot glides are the protectors placed on the bottom of the chair’s legs. They serve as a protector to the furniture, allowing it to stay in shape and avoiding damage through use over time. Not replacing them can also mean your outdoor patio surface gets damaged too.

New Furniture

Your new patio furniture usually comes with foot glides already in place. Unfortunately, with most patio furniture, the foot glides wear away over time or may not work properly. Instead of replacing the whole set of furniture (which, let us face it, would be extremely expensive and somewhat wasteful), you can simply replace the foot glides.

When your furniture’s foot glides start to suffer from wear and tear, you could consider just leaving them. However, these little protectors do not just make your furniture look ‘finished’ and attractive, they also serve a purpose. They protect your patio surface from scratches that could occur if the metal legs of your furniture were to scrape across it repeatedly when there is no foot glide. Equally, the foot glide helps to protect the furniture itself, reducing the risks of sharp edges and damage to the chair legs. Lastly, by placing foot glides on the bottom of the legs, you can reduce the noise levels that often occur when damaged chair legs are scraped across patios, decking, or paving.

Where to Start

Replacing the foot glides may leave you feeling stumped as to where to start to find them. You may not know which type to buy as there are so many names and types to consider: foot glides, caps, cups, inserts, protectors, or felt pads! Which do you need? Retailers often make it quite tricky to ascertain which ones you need. However, never fear! We have a handy guide to feet protectors and glides to help you decide which ones you need. You will then be able to find what you need with ease. There is also a video version on the linked page to help you decide.

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