How to Fix a Glass Table Top with Leg Clips

Any outdoor furniture that is exposed to the elements is going to experience some wear and tear, unfortunately. The good news is that the majority of the issues you might face with your glass table can be easily fixed, and at a low cost.

One of the most common problems that people experience with their outdoor tables, is that the metal table legs become detached from the metal rim of the tabletop. This can be due to a number of reasons, such as poor soldering, or rust. Sometimes tables have plastic or rubber stoppers that fit between the rim and the table leg, holding everything in place. Over time the rubber can become brittle and break, causing potential stability issues when you try and utilize the table.

While you can look for replacement parts from the company online, there is an even simpler alternative. Leg clips are essentially universal and can be used no matter what make or style your table is. They can also often be a lot cheaper than trying to find a specific piece from the company that manufactured your table.

The nature of the plastic means that it is less likely to crack and deteriorate in the same way as original outdoor table pieces - it is designed to be durable, and withstand pressure without warping or coming apart. 

Your first step is to remove any old and damaged parts of your table, that are meant to hold the table legs steady. Because you do not need to find exact replicas of these parts, you can dispose of them as soon as you have removed them.

Now, simply hook the leg clip under the rim of the table edge, and push down on it, so that the leg is sitting flush against the glass tabletop. Now all you need to do is drill it into place, and your tabletop is stable once again.

 If your table legs are too thin, and the leverage caused by the leg clip is not enough to prevent the leg from being stable, simply add a few metal washers between the leg clip and the table leg. This builds up the leg clip a little and gives it the height it needs to work properly. 

We suggest that you invest in some self-tapping screws when you are drilling new holes into the table legs. These are designed to create the hole as they are being drilled into place, without the need to drill a hole separately, which can cause mistakes. Although we do not stock these at Sunniland Patio, you can find them at all good hardware stores.

We are also happy to offer you a video tutorial on how to complete this replacement if you need any visual aid. You will see how such a cost-effective easy fix can really give your table a new lease on life, no matter what has caused the legs to separate from the tabletop.

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