Types of Glass Patio Table Parts

There are a number of different glass patio table parts that can break, but the good news is that here at Sunniland Patio, we have all of the replacements that you might need. Here we have outlined some of the most common replacement parts that you might need, and how to use them.

Table Leg Clips

Often, people might find that their table leg has separated from the glass tabletop, leaving the entire table unsteady. Sunniland Patio has a universal solution to this, that does not require finding a replacement of the table piece that is liable to break.

Simply insert the edge of one of our table leg clips underneath the lip of the metal table rim. The wedge should be acting like a lever, pushing down on the table leg, so that it does not move. You can then drill a hole in the table leg to secure the clip, and keep the table leg where it should be.

Table Top Supports

Depending on the brand of your table, it is likely that there are supports underneath the glass table top, that allow it to stay in the correct position in relation to the metal rim of the table, and not move around. These supports can become brittle and break, but we have a durable alternative.

 Sunniland Patio stocks table top supports in two sizes - 1-¼”, and 1-½”. This measurement relates to the thickness or height of the metal frame around your glass table top. So make sure you are buying the size that works for your table specifications. The “Y” portion of the clip sits up against the glass, supporting it and ensuring that it stays in the correct spot. The other end of the clip is then pushed under the rim of the metal frame, so that it cannot move, and the glass is stable as well.

Table Hole Ring Set

Most glass tables have a hole in the center that can be used to place an outdoor umbrella, if you need protection from the elements. Tables usually come equipped with a gasket, but this can become brittle and cracked, or otherwise look unsightly. Buying a generic, new table hole ring set is cheap, and easy to install.

In order to replace this, begin by popping your old one out of the hole, This should be easy, although you may need to use a screwdriver for leverage. Clean up any residue that is left behind, so that your table is ready for a replacement ring.

Put the new gasket in boiling hot water for about 30 seconds to a minute. All this does is warm up the vinyl, and make it more pliable, so that you can fit it into the hole easier. It should slide into the table hole, and mold into the correct shape once it’s in. Finally, just add on the plug on top for when you are not using an umbrella, and there you go!

Of course, all of these simple home fixes come with an instructional video if you want to watch it. You can watch our professionals show you how to do things the right way, making it easy for you to follow along.

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