Types of Patio Umbrellas

When looking for outdoor furniture, one of the most important pieces you cannot overlook is your patio umbrella. It needs to be functional and provide adequate shade and shelter, but it also needs to aesthetically fit in with the rest of your garden. Here are some of the different functions that umbrellas can have so that you can decide what is best for you.


Freestanding umbrellas can be bought separately from the patio table, and inserted into the middle of the tabletop through a hole that most outdoor tables have. These are the most common form of umbrella, and this is partly due to their multi-purpose convenience. These free-standing tables are great for moving around, and can easily be removed and stored when required. They can also be used independently of a table, to offer shade wherever you wish.

freestanding umbrellas

The majority of all outdoor tables have an umbrella hole that is 1.75” in diameter. The 1.5” diameter of the pulley-lift Monterey umbrella makes it the perfect fit for any outdoor situation. If you combine this with a sturdy base, you can move it wherever you want, such as in the garden or near the poolside.

Tilting Umbrella

This umbrella allows you to maneuver the shade, as the sun moves. Instead of moving the patio furniture into the shade as the sun moves, simply adjust the tilting of the umbrella head accordingly. Although this is a slightly pricier option compared to some of the others available, the extra money is definitely worth it if you can spend a whole day outside in the shade without needing to move.

auto tilt umbrellas

The Frankford Monterey fiberglass tilting model is Sunniland’s newest tilting umbrella and offers everything you need in protection from the sun. The frame is durable and designed to withstand windy conditions without snapping. The canopy is made from high-quality materials that are thoroughly quality-tested to ensure that they too can withstand the elements without unnecessary wear and tear.

Crank Handle

It can often be somewhat difficult to open up an umbrella, given the weight of it. While many umbrellas open using a pulley system, newer models are fitted with cranks, which require less force to open up. Simply turn the crank handle to open up the canopy, and you are ready to enjoy the shade and protection it provides. And to close the umbrella when you are done, just turn the crank handle the other way again.

crank lift umbrellas

Sunniland Patio has recently introduced the Monterey Fiberglass Market Umbrella with Crank Lift to their catalog. Although these models are slightly pricier than the pulley alternatives, their ease of use makes this very much worth it. The sleek crank design is small enough to not get in the way when the umbrella is in use, but is still strong enough to open and close the umbrella when required.

You can Customize your Umbrella

It should be noted that all of these Frankford Monterey models are completely customizable on the Sunniland Patios website. You can choose the color, shape and size of the canopy, as well as the finish of the frame. You do not have to compromise when it comes to style or durability, as Sunniland Patios offer you a range of high-quality umbrellas, all of which can be tailored to suit your exact tastes.

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