The Where & Why of Buying Ebel Replacement Cushions

We all know the feeling when a much-loved piece of furniture breaks. It can literally be devastating. Particularly if that piece of furniture has been the source of many happy memories. At Sunniland we don't just want to sell you new patio furniture, we're of the opinion that if you've already got the perfect set of patio furniture, that you took ages to choose in the first place, why change it when you can repair it?

Replace, repair or redesign?

Ebel furniture is so hardy, we find it's not the furniture that breaks, but it's the cushions that become irreparably stained, get ripped or simply go missing (where on Earth do these things get to?)

The problem with patio furniture is that it's subjected to a little more wear and tear than the indoor variety and it's not just the elements at work, but the human elements that can cause damage.

Perhaps an unruly BBQ or a garden party smoker got a burn on your cushions that's impossible to hide. Maybe your white cushions had one red wine stain too many - often adding salt to remove wine just isn't enough.

Perhaps your cushions got mixed up in your grankid's games, and it didn't end well for the cushion, because cushions can't swim in the pool! But what doesn't dry out right can be replaced, and at far cheaper price that a whole new set of patio furniture. 

Many of our customers replace their Ebel cushions, not because they're broken, but simply because they're a little tired looking. Too many days out in the sun can take a toll on your cushions as well as on your skin! Some people even redesign their cushions every couple of years as an inexpensive way of updating their entire garden. If you can't afford to replace all your garden furniture you'll get many more years out of the same set with a fresh bunch of Ebel replacement cushions. 

Where can I buy Ebel replacement cushions?

We custom make Ebel replacement cushions for 17 different styles of chair and in a massive 162 different patterns. That's everything from the striking stripes of Berenson Tuxedo and Cabana Citron to the vibrant Icon Mystique and the subletlties of Volt Sulfur. If they make it, we stock it & we'll shape it to the exact dimensions of your Ebel furiture. Whether it's a Cannes LoveseatDreux club/swivel or a Clermont Sofa we'll custom make the cushion to fit this model chair perfectly.

All orders arrive within 3-4 weeks and are non-returnable/ non-refundable. And all cushions have FREE SHIPPING.

What if I don't know the fabric name for my Ebel replacement cushion? 

If you don't know the fabric name for your Ebel replacement cushion, send us a photo or bring one to the store and we'll happily match it to your other cushions. Alternatively you might want to refresh the whole set, we're happy to talk you through styles that might match your garden and what's popular this season.

How can I prevent my Ebel furniture needing replacement cushions?

If you haven't got a shed you can store your furniture in when it's not in use - and protect it from those pesky birds - you should invest in a cheap tarpaulin to cover it when no one's around. And if you want to protect against a cushion going out of style simply buy white or black, both are timeless!

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