5 Stylish Hanamint Replacement Cushion Ideas

Is your Hanamint patio furniture tired and in need of a refresh for the summer season? Here is our roundup of 5 classic hanamint looks so you can buy replacement cushions that refresh your entire garden.

1. Color is everything


Earthy shades are all the rage in Hanamint cushions this season. Think muted browns and rich red terracottas for simplistic and stylish comfort. 

2. Keep it simple

grand Single color fabrics of replacement cushions, called spectrum solids, help the floor tiles in this photo to steal the show. Do you have busy or intricate patio tiles? Keep it simple with a single color rather than stripes or checked style volt solids. 

3. Is bigger better?


Large cushions with extra padding make the outdoors feel even more like the indoors and help you relax faster. However if your patio furniture is used for more formal dining you'll need a firmer cushion that you don't sink into.

4. You can't beat the classicsst

The canvas Hanamint replacement cushion range adds a classic finish and a nautical, great outdoors feel to any set of patio furniture.

5. textures matter


A subtle pattern can add warmth and depth. The dupione ribbed selection of Hanamint replacement cushions is the perfect range for adding this kind of feel.

Feeling inspired? Check out the full range of Hanamint replacement cushions in our shop today.

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