How To Install A Single Wrap Vinyl Strap

In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to install a single wrap vinyl strap. It's a cheap and easy way to repair your patio chairs and much less wasteful than buying new ones. 

Step 1: Assemble your equipment

Tools you'll need:

  • Drill with _ inch drill bit,
  • Piece of wood to drill on top of to save your work bench
  • Replacement vinyl strapping by roll or precut vinyl strapping
  • Rivets depending on the size of hole in your chair (7/32 for single strap chairs)
  • Cloth measuring tape
  • Tinsnips to cut the vinyl into straps (if bought by the roll)
  • Cotton pair of gloves
  • Boiling water
  • Tongs or a long screwdriver to fish out the hot straps

We have a propane tank hooked up to a turkey frier with a big hot to get the water going but it doesnt have to be this set up. You could just boil water on the stove though it tends to work better if its closer to the area youre doing the work so you dont have to run through the house with hot straps.

propaneWe need the hot water because were going to boil the straps for a few minutes.

By cutting the straps shorter than they need to be, the hot water will make it more pliable and we can then stretch them onto the frame. This means when theyre cool theyre nice and tight on your furniture.

Step 2: Remove old straps

If the rivets are dry they will peel out quite easily but sometimes you may need to use a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to punch the hole and make sure nothing is going to be in your way.

These chairs already have the hole but if you need to add a strap or if your chair doesnt have holes now would be the time to drill them to the bare frame on the inside.


Step 3: Measure the sling size youll need

After we have our holes in place, take the tape measure and wrap it around in the same place that old strap was lying before. Start at one hole, then wrap the tape measure around to the other hole. Our measurement is 24. Now were going to reduce the measurement by 10% removing 2.5 inches.

Were reducing our measurement so that our straps fit tight. If we were to cut the strap to the exact size the straps would be loose and blowing in the wind!

Remember to reduce the measurement by 10% or your chair will be loose.

snipStep 4: Make the straps

We decided wed need a 21.5 measurement. Unroll the vinyl to the correct size and use the tin strips to snip it straight across. Then trim off the excess along the edges so it makes it when we curl the strap those corners arent on the sides poking out.

drillNow put them up top on the wood block. Set the drill about a quarter inch away from the edge and double up to save time. Be careful not to drill into your hand. Then install the rivets.

boilingStep 5: Install the straps

Now put the straps into the boiling water using the tongs and cotton gloves on. After 3-4 minutes take them out one at a time using the tongs. Shake to get rid of excess water. Ive already put the rivets in because you dont want to be adding them when the strapping is hot.


To install the strap put it around the frame, push the rivet into the hole, pull it to the other side, wrap it, find the hole and plug it in with the rivet. And release. Tip: Pull the strap across the chair with one hand, and plug in with the other. And thats it, its that easy if you know what youre doing. Need to know how to do a double-wrap vinyl strap? It's just as easy and if you're struggling, we're on hand to help, just get in touch with the team.

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