How to Make Vinyl Strapping from a Strap Roll


When our vinyl strap patio furniture gets old and needs a face uplift there are several options you can chose from: send the chairs to the repair shop, or replace them yourself by ordering pre-cut straps or ordering the strap roll.

If you decide to send your furniture to the shop to be fixed up, weve written a helpful guide to help you pick the best patio furniture repair shop near you. If you decide to order the vinyl straps pre-cut, heres where you can make your purchase. However if you decide to buy the vinyl strap roll, make the straps from scratch and then replace them yourself this article is for you!

Heres a quick guide on how to make your own vinyl straps from a strap roll. If you need help picking the correct size strap roll, heres helpful article.

Also if you prefer to watch instead of read this tutorial: heres our video.

Step 1- Get all the tools ready!Screen

In order to do this project you will need a pair of cutters, a drill with a 14 drill bit on it, a piece of wood to drill on top so you dont ruin your table, a roll of vinyl strap and a tape measure.


Step 2- Cut Your Vinyl Straps

Before cutting your vinyl straps, you would need to have measured your old straps on your furniture (click here for a video tutorial). Once you have that measurement, decrease it by10% like this:

25 inch strap x .10 percent= 2.5 inches 25 - 2.5 = 22.5 inch cut size

Therefore you will cut your new straps to the 22.5 inch mark. Extend the strap from the strap roll and cut the strap with the pair of cutters at the 22.5 inch mark.

ScreenWhy do we reduce the measurement by 10%? This reduction will make it so that once we heat the strap up and stretch it on to the frame, it will cool to fit perfectly and not be loose.

Lastly, drill a hole about one quarter inch in from the outside top corner of the strap, and insert the plastic fastener that will go on the chair or chaise lounge hole.

Step 3- Insert the Strap on Boiling Water

Next were going to insert the strap on hot or boiling water for 2-3 minutes, in order to heat it up properly and stretch it onto the frame to install it. This step is important so that you are able to install the strap on to the frame, otherwise it would not stretch onto the frame.


You can use a stove top pan or turkey fryer to boil the water in your backyard close to the installation spot. Make sure you use pliers or tongs when inserting the straps in the water and for retrieving them as well.

One last recommendation is that you insert the fasteners on the straps before you boil the strap, so that when you retrieve it from the hot water it already has the fasteners and its ready for immediate installation.

On that note, make sure that you install the straps right after you retrieve them from hot water and not allow them to cool down. If you dont install them while they are warm, then they will lose the stretchy quality and become sturdy and hard to stretch onto the frame.

To watch a video of how to install the single wrap straps onto the frame, heres our quick tutorial. To watch a video of how to install double wrap straps onto the frame, here's our quick tutorial.

Happy Strap Making!

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