How to Install a Double Wrap Vinyl Strap

When it comes to broken straps on chaise lounges, especially the ones that come double wrapped, it can be tricky to try to replace them all by yourself at home. That’s why we got your back! Today we’re going to show you how to replace double wrapped vinyl straps on your chaise lounge.

Tools To Use

Alright! First get your tools and materials ready to go: a pair of tongs, rivets for the strap holes, a strap roll or pre-cut straps, a drill with a quarter inch size bit, a block of wood, a pair of cutting pliers, measuring cloth tape, a pair of gloves, and a big pan for boiling water.

Brief Explanation 

Lets start by explaining what a double wrap is: with a double wrap strap you cant see the rivet holding it, because its wrapped around it once and then back on top to be wrapped again at the other side.



Step 1: Remove the old strap

This is an easy step, just unwrap the strap and pull on the rivet to make it come off the chair. Repeat this step if your strap broke in the middle and you still have more strap attached on the other side.

Step 2: Measure strap size

We measure the strap size in order to tell the size of the pre-cut strap we need, or if you bought a a roll of strap, then the size is for what youll need in order to make the new strap.

So lets measure the strap! Grab measuring cloth tape and align the hole on one side, then wrap it around that hole just like the strap was wrapped around, stretch the tape to the opposite hole and wrap it around again.




On this example, the measurement came out to 33 inches. Next we deduct 10% from the 33 inches, which is around 3 inches rounded down (30 X 0.10 = 3.3). Our new measurement comes out to 30 inches!

This reduction in the size of the new strap is so that when we install it, it stays tight around the chair and doesnt sag. If we cut it at 33 inches and installed it, the strap would be very sloppy and not tight at all.

Step 3: Make the new straps

Skip this step if you purchased pre-cut vinyl straps. If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to make straps from a strap roll at home click here.

First we lay the strap alongside the measuring tape up to the 30 inch mark.


Once youve identified the 30-inch mark, cut the strap alongside this measurement with the pair of cutting pliers. Then, cut the sides of the straps, dog-eared like, so that they dont stick out when they are wrapped around the chair.


Now its time to make a hole on these straps: grab both straps and put them together, lay them on top of the block of wood, measure about a quarter inch away from the edge of the strap and drill a hole right there in the middle with your quarter inch drip bit. Repeat this process on the other side of the straps to create the holes. 


Next, take your rivets (available here), and push them through the holes of your straps. These rivets are super strong and will hold for a long time. Its important to put the rivets on the straps before you boil the straps so that youre not fumbling with hot straps trying to put rivets on them potentially burning yourself.


After this is done, drop your straps with rivets on to the hot water to boil for 5 minutes. You can use a turkey boiler, or a pan.


Step 4: Install the new straps

Lets put on our pair of gloves for this step! Now, grab the tongs and take out the strap from the hot water pan. Next, grab the strap with your hands and plug the rivet into the first hole.


Then wrap the strap twice around frame to cover rivet and stretch it on to the other side.


Pull the strap around 10 inches past the furniture, as you see in the picture below.

Place the strap on top of the strap that sits next to it, wrap it around the pole and insert the rivet on the hole then let it go so it aligns with itself. 




Adjust the strap as you see fit, so that it aligns with on top of itself.


Final Words

And thats it!! Were all done with the process of strap replacing! If you need any of these parts heres where you can order them with ease:

Rivets for Double Wrap Chaise

Replacement Vinyl Straps

Replacement Pre-Cut Vinyl Straps

Happy Fixing!

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