Replacement Sling Disclaimer and Measuring Instructions

Please read the following before ordering

I have read the instructions and have removed my old slings including hardware and braces and feel comfortable with installation. Tautness of slings is not guaranteed. Slings are custom made to order and are not returnable or refundable once order is processed. Slings ship within two weeks.

Please Note: Installation of replacement slings is sometimes quite difficult. If you are concerned with installation seek a professional before ordering.

Replacement Sling Measuring Instructions

With slings removed from frame, remove sling rods from each side. Measure each sling flat.If slings were loose you may consider reducing measurement up to a 1/4", but this may make installation more diififcult. Sticking to the actual size is the safest way to go. It is better to have a sling fit on your furniture even it is a somewhat looser than the original, than not being able to install it at all if it's too tight.

Measure sling rods. We offer 7/32" or 1/4". The size you choose will be installed in the slings you order.

Please note: The width of most manufacturer slings are the same at the top and bottom. We offer you the opportunity to select different top and bottom widths for that rare case where the manufacturer made them uneven. Be sure to check the width in several places to see if it actually is different throughout.

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