How To Install A Double Wrap Vinyl Strap





Figure 1

Using a pair of garden shears cut off all old straps and fasteners. Clean the piece well. If the furniture is in need of structural repair or painting this is the time to do it.


Figure 2

Place the piece to be strapped on a table or work bench. Using a cloth measuring tape, find the exact measurement hole to hole making sure to go around the outside of the frame.

Figure 3

Add approximately 6” to the exact measurement obtained in Fig. 2. Cut a couple of straps off your roll of vinyl. (Do not cut all the straps at once as you may want to adjust the strap length after seeing how the first couple of straps fit around the frame). For example: Exact measurement hole to hole comes to 25”; add 6”; equals 31”. Cut Straps to 31”.

Figure 4

Using the garden shears trim off the corners on each end of the vinyl straps. Once you get the hang of it, you can stack several pieces and trim them three or four at a time.

Figure 5

Using a leather punch or an electric drill with a 3/16” bit, carefully drill a hole in the center of the strap approximately 1/4” from the end of the strap. Do this with both ends.

Figure 6

Insert nylon fastener in both ends of strap. The vinyl straps must be heated and stretched over the furniture frame. If continuous strapping is anticipated a pair of golf gloves will help reduce finger burn caused by handling the heated straps. In addition you may want to wrap some adhesive tape around the top of your thumb and index finger for a bit more insulation before you put on the gloves.

Figure 7

Using a hot plate or other heat source boil a large pot of water. Once the water has come to a boil insert several straps with fasteners inserted. Reduce heat so water remains hot but not boiling. Allow straps to stay in water at least 2 minutes. Leaving them in longer will not hurt them. Remove one strap and dry with towel.

Figure 8

Insert rivet into hole in frame and wrap strap tightly around itself covering the rivet head as you bring strap around the outside of the frame.

Figure 9

Stretch strap firmly across frame at an angle about four or five inches below the rivet hole you are pursuing. Stretch until you have pulled about eight to nine inches past the frame. Using heavy thumb pressure of one hand hold strap in position and begin wrapping strap around frame with your other hand.

Figure 10

While holding strap firmly in place with thumb, wrap strap around frame twice.

Figure 11

Insert rivet into hole in frame.

Figure 12

Pull strap back and in an upwardly motion to bring top wrap over bottom wrap.

Figure 13

Slide strap up over itself covering rivet.

Adjust strap as necessary to obtain uniform appearance.

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