Types of Oval Patio Chair Glides

You want your patio and outdoor furniture to look its best and to stand the test of time. This is why, over time, your patio furniture may need a bit of a repair or a refresh. If your patio chairs have oval-shaped legs, you will likely need patio chair glides oval in shape.

oval glide

Oval patio chair glides are the caps that go inside the edges of patio chairs and chaise lounges. Their job is to hide the holes at the end of the pipe frames and to protect them from becoming dirty or clogged with any debris blowing around in the wind. They also give furniture that ‘finished’ look and can protect people from any scratches or scrapes if the metal tubing has become sharpened or uneven over time.

At Sunniland Patio, we have a wide range of oval patio chair glides that will suit almost all patio furniture with oval pipe frames. Let’s take a look at our range of patio chair glides oval:

First up are the 1 ¾” x ½” oval chair glides in black or white. Then we have the patio chair glides oval that measure 7/8” x 2 1/8” in either black or natural colors. We also have oval-shaped inserts in black or white and Winston oval tube glide inserts that measure 1 ½” x 5/8” in black or white.

From our range of oval patio chair glides, you should be able to find a glide that fits your patio furniture giving it that new lease of life. Check out our Oval Patio Chair Glides page. For tips on how to install these glides, we also have a handy tutorial to check out here.

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