The Guide to Swivel Chair Parts

Your swivel patio chair has been a wonderful addition to your outdoor space for a few years now. The soothing rotation and rocking motion allows you to relax and enjoy your garden in the most comfortable of ways. But, what happens when that soothing motion is suddenly interrupted? Perhaps you swivel chair has got stiff and squeaky. It’s certainly not as relaxing any more when you have to put in considerable effort to get the chair to swivel around at all. The chances are, your chair would be perfectly fine with a little TLR and a few replacement swivel chair parts.

What are swivel chairs?

Swivel patio chairs are chairs that move in a 360° circular motion rather than a backward and forward gliding motion as some garden rocker chairs move. They are relaxing thanks to their rotation movement, giving you ample opportunity to speak with people no matter where they are placed in your outdoor space. You can simply spin round and speak!  

Swivel Chair Parts

Swivel chairs work with a swivel mechanism that is made up of a few different key parts. If your chair is not working properly as it once did, you may not know how to fix it. But, actually, with the right tools and the right parts, it’s really easy. There are a few parts that are usually to blame if there’s a problem with your swivel chair. If something’s gone wrong with it, it is usually fixed with a replacement part.

Swivel Seat Post

One of the parts of your swivel patio chair that might become damaged or broken is the swivel seat post. This is a part of the rotating mechanism for the chair. Over time, a swivel seat post can rust, and this might mean that you need a new one. The ones that you can buy here are non-rusting types. They can also be spray painted so that they match the original color of your furniture. They are made from heavy-duty aluminum, meaning they will stand the test of time.

Swivel seat posts also come in different sizes and angles. There are straight posts and those angled at 7.5°, depending on the angle and needs of your existing chair. There are also adjustable swivel seat posts available too. Check out all of the swivel seat posts here.

Rocker Spring Plates

If you have a rocker patio chair, the chances are it will have spring plates. These are used with the swivel seat posts mentioned above, replacing the moving mechanisms on rocker, swivel and glider chairs.

There are different sizes of swivel rocker spring plates. We have 2 ½” x 5”, 3” x 5” and 2” x7” x 5/16” thick plates. All are made from black fiberglass. Have a look at the selection here.

The Takeaway

If your swivel chair has stopped swiveling, it’s important to get the right parts. Swivel chair parts are easily replaceable, so with our help and guidance, you should be back to swiveling as soon as possible! For advice on how to fix your swivel chair, check out the video here.

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