How to Replace a Swivel Chair Seat Post Bushing

 If your swivel patio chair is swinging from side to side, there could be one of two things wrong. Firstly, your swivel tilt mechanism could be broken, or it could be your seat post bushing. The seat post bushing is a small plastic insert that goes inside the post of the base.

 In order to know for certain that your seat post bushing needs to be replaced, separate the swivel tilt mechanism (and the rest of the chair) from the base. If the bushing remains attached to the mechanism and does not come away with the base, this is a sign it needs replacing. If it does come away with the base, but you can see that it is cracked or broken in any way, then it also needs replacing. Alternatively, if nothing appears to be wrong with your seat post bushing, it is likely that the issue is with the swivel tilt mechanism. This can be double-checked by moving it to see if it wiggles - if it does, it should be replaced.

Once you are certain the issue is the post bushing, you need to source a new one. When you are ordering your new seat post bushing, remember to order the correct size. There are different makes and models that are different sizes for corresponding chairs, so ensure you have the one that you need. The measurements on Sunniland Patio correspond to the diameter of the head of the circle, so you can measure this yourself.

When you have the correct replacement piece, simply insert the post bushing into the post of the base. You can then replace the base onto the post, attaching it to your chair. Place the chair upright, and make sure that the chair no longer flops around. 

Alternatively, if your problem is your swivel tilt mechanism, it is easy enough to replace this as well. Unbolt the mechanism from the base of the chair, and measure the distance between the bolts. All bolts are evenly spaced, so it does not matter what two you measure from. Source your new swivel tilt mechanism, ensuring that it is the correct size, and you can begin to reassemble the chair. Bolt the new mechanism in place on the base of the chair, using the pre-existing bolt holes as a guide. When you have firmly bolted it, attempt to give it a wiggle, just to make sure there is no movement, and it is secure. You can now place the base of the chair (with the post bushing inside of it) onto the new swivel tilt mechanism.

 Regardless of the problem, your patio chair should now be ready for safe use again.

If you require some visual aid helping you to determine what is wrong with your chair, check out this video. Although the video is focused on an office chair, the mechanisms and procedures will be exactly the same for your patio chair, and the seat post bushing and swivel tilt mechanism look exactly the same.

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