Telescope Patio Furniture: The Best American Patio Brand

We're proud of every single outdoor furniture brand we stock here at Sunniland Patio, and none more so than Telescope Casual.

This family-owned business can trace its roots back to 1903, when it began trading under the name Telescope Cot Bed & Novelty Company, in New York City. The cots and campstools this pioneering brand produced had a unique selling point: the telescoping legs that gave the company its unique name. The pieces Telescope Casual Furniture produced became renown for their style, comfort and durability, as and the brand expanded, new headquarters were required.


Telescope Patio Furniture eventually relocated to the verdant countryside of Granville, New York. The acres of woodlands there were a big draw for this ever-expanding American brand, along with hard-working, local laborers and railroads factors that helped the company reach customers across the states. Eventually, Telescope Casual Furniture would move its entire operation to Granville, allowing the company to evolve from campstool and cot specialists to leaders in casual furniture.

And that same commitment to perfection still drives Telescope Casual today. Their Granville plants nearly one-million square foot facility is a state-of-the-art testament to research, development, engineering and unique manufacturing processes. Being self-sufficient has allowed the company to remain competitive in todays market, responding quickly to customers needs and market demands.


Telescope Patio Furniture products, which were immensely proud to stock here, are the perfect balance of form and function. Theyre built using pioneering manufacturing methods, allowing for both durability and speedy delivery times. Take Telescope Casuals classic Adirondack MGP Lounge Chair, for example: rather than constructing their MGP Collection from resin boards like some of their competitors, Telescope uses state of the art technology CNC computer controlled routers to sculpt thick, dense sheets of material, which are then coated with marine-grade polymer. The design and finish means theses pieces have little-to-no exposed hardware.


Its this kind of attention to design that makes Telescope Casual Furniture such a prized, household name. You can be sure that any item from their catalogue, from dining tables and swivel counter stools to stackable chaise lounges, are comfortable, reliable and stylish built to please and last. Heres to another century of innovative, elegant designs from this American-made company. {{cta('1a1b303d-96cf-40b0-bfd9-6a8878c19ffc')}}

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