5 Reasons Vinyl Strapping Patio Furniture is a Great Alternative

If you're thinking about buying outdoor furniture, you've got a lot of things to consider because there are a lot of options to choose from. Some of the most common materials used for patio furniture are wood, wrought iron, wicker, vinyl strap, aluminum, steel, rattan, etc. But which one should you opt for when you are buying furniture? The answer of course comes down to individual taste but we're going to put the case for vinyl strapping patio furniture. Below is an overall analysis among various kinds of outdoor furniture to help you select the one that's right for you and your garden.

Vinyl strapping is rust proof

Vinyl strapping is popular in furniture because of the sharp, vibrant colors, ease of maintenance and reasonable prices. It is water resistant and does not rust or develop mold. Other materials comparable for this trait are aluminum and steel. However, they are much heavier and hard to manage. Besides, though aluminum and steel furniture do not rust, they oxidize and are vulnerable to salt and other pollutants.

Vinyl strapping is durable

If we consider durability and lifespan then vinyl strapping furniture is still ahead of the competition. The other players in this competition are aluminum and wrought iron however they cost a lot for this feature. Besides, they are not as comfortable as vinyl straps are. Moreover if they are scratched it's time consuming to repair if it's possible at all.

Vinyl strapping is heat resistant

The major disadvantage of metal furniture is that metal is heat absorbing. This is a trait you don't want to have, particularly in warm places like Florida. They become very hot in summer days and cold in the winter which is very annoying. You don't want to sit on a chair and get shocked by the heat. Wood is the material which is not heat absorbing but it is much less durable compared to vinyl strappings. Wood also requires treatment to be weather resistant.

The vinyl strapping value aesthetic

Vinyl strapping furniture is incredibly versatile with numerous colors and styles. It is a great addition to any porch, patio or deck. Metal furniture generally comes in one neutral color and the furniture tends to look the same because of the similar coating. Metal furniture needs to be painted in a different color in order to fit in with a specific decorating plan. 

You can get colorful powder coated metal furniture but it's not as cheap as vinyl, particularly not for the variety on offer. Just look at all our replacement vinyl strapping colours to get an idea of the range. Wood, wicker or rattan may be colour stained but none of them are as colourful and good at making a statement as vinyl strapping.

Vinyl strapping is low maintenance

We all want outdoor furniture that we can enjoy without spending much energy on its general maintenance. Vinyl strapping furniture requires a minimal amount of maintenance as it doesn't stain or fade away. Occasionally you have to clean it and when you need to do so, it can be easily done using a damp cloth and mild dishwashing soap.

So whatever feature you are looking for in patio furniture, vinyl strapping has all of them. It is durable, lightweight, affordable, aesthetic, comfortable, heat resistant and rust proof, needing low maintenance.

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