What Is Aluminum Sling Patio Furniture?

Aluminium sling patio furniture: its a durable, aesthetically pleasing and affordable choice for any patio connoisseur. Black frames paired with crisp white slings make a stunning and chic look, while white frames with tangerine slings will add a lively pop of colour to any garden. But our gardens and outdoor spaces aren't the only place you'll find this wonder mental in use.


Aluminium is fundamental to our aerospace and transportation industries. For example, aluminium makes up around 90% of NASA's famed space shuttles and 80% of an airplane's weight. Without aluminium, its highly unlikely wed enjoy commercial air travel as we know it now; the Wright brothers first airplane was only was able to take flight because of its aluminium-modified its engine.


Its fair to say that this marvellous metal, first discovered in 1807 by Englishman, Sir Humphry Davy, has revolutionised our lives in the skies, on the road and at home. In the post-war period, aluminium was used in everything from bed frames and dining sets to home office desks and school furniture. It denoted modernity and style. No wonder, then, that global demand for this metal, which makes up approximately 8% of the earths crust, has more than doubled since 1970. But what makes this particular material such a fitting choice for sling patio furniture?

The very same attributes that make aluminium indispensable to the aforementioned industries make it the perfect choice for outdoor furniture.


Aluminum sling patio furniture is incredible strong, giving it an enviable durability. It's also relatively lightweight compared to metals like cast iron, making it easier to lift and move a bonus for patio-lovers who enjoy switching up their furniture layouts to fit the seasons. It wont rust, due to aluminiums propensity for developing a thin, microscopic layer of oxidization when exposed to the elements, a layer which in fact protects the metal, making it completely resistant to corrosion.


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