What Is Marine Grade Polymer Furniture?

Wood, wicker and metal are all attractive propositions when it comes to patio furniture, but marine grade polymer furniture is an increasingly popular choice among garden connoisseurs, for a number of reasons.

Marine Grade Polymer is made with High Density Polyethylene, a very durable material that won’t rot, swell, break down, fade or warp specially when put to the test against the elements. This makes it very popular for patio furniture for its durability and sturdiness.

Polymers of various kinds have been in use in various industries since the 1700s. Bakelite is one of the best-known and loved examples of polymer design. This enduring and trusted household name was used in fashion and design for decades; items bearing the Bakelite stamp are now highly prized by fans and collectors of retro American goods.

Each generation since the 1700s has adapted this wonder material to their own specific needs. The kind our manufacturers use in their designs is marine grade, and has all the built-in functionalities you’d expect for use in aqueous environments. It’s a perfect fit for any patio or garden, but will be a particularly attractive proposition for folks based in salt water climates, since the nonporous nature of marine grade polymer furniture protects it against the corrosion and weakening that metal furniture tends to endure in damp and humid climates.

Chosen for its durability.

Marine grade polymer furniture is extremely durable and is made to stand the test of time. Since it’s crafted from strong, heavy material, it can usually resist winds that routinely move and damage lighter furniture, making it a robust choice. It’s highly unlikely to crack, and will not rot or separate. It’s also resistant to most chemicals, and must be preheated before ignition occurs, making it safe from fire hazards.

For all those sturdy qualities, marine grade polymer furniture is also aesthetically versatile. It comes in a variety of hues, from Textured Silver and Kona [brown] to classic Black to pristine Snow [white], and can be wrought in both strong, solid lines and perfect, flexible curves – making it an ideal choice for every piece of your patio furniture collection, from chaises to chairs and ottomans to tables.

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