A Brief History Of Woven Wicker Outdoor Furniture

Woven wicker outdoor furniture: it's a classic, modern choice for any garden or patio. Why? Becomes its come a long way both historically and literally. It stands the test of time with style and durability.

Think of wicker the term for the woven style of product rather than the material itself and you might conjure up images of exotic, imported Colonial fashions, or Victorian era finery: curved, curlicued pieces in esteemed English and American parlours. Wicker furniture was especially fashionable in the UK and the States during this period, but the technique for this type of furniture originated hundreds of years before Queen Victoria's reign.

The technique, which involves platting or weaving natural plant fibres such as rattan, cane, willow and raffia, is an ancient one that dates back to early basket-weaving crafts, a method that was common on continents around the world for thousands of years.


Wicker furniture has been embraced by everyone, from the regal pharaohs of ancient Egypt (Tutankhamen was buried with several examples of wicker) to the marching Romans, who decked their growing empire with woven wicker outdoor furniture. The Modernist movement of the 19th and 20th centuries updated wicker designs, resulting in pieces such as designer and architect Lilly Reichs MR 20 chair (seen below), an iconic example of wicker art.


All the qualities that made woven wicker outdoor furniture an attractive proposition to our forefathers are still viable today. Wicker is a naturally dynamic material for outdoor furniture; its more breathable and comfortable than solid wood, and more hygienic than upholstery. Rattan wicker is especially ideal for tropical locales, since it wont warp or crack in heat and humidity.

Its historical pedigree is undeniable, but today's contemporary designs and engineering mean wicker is versatile enough to be both classic and fresh, durable and modern.

Keeping with the wood look and feel of wicker, the newest designs are fashioned from Resin Wicker, an all weather wicker made from polyethylene. The furniture made with this synthetic resin is supported by rust free aluminum frames that will never rot like the original wood frame used to. This makes the new resin wicker outdoor furniture not only provides fantastic designs but it's also very durable.


Whether you invest in a set, or choose a stand-alone statement piece a sturdy ottomans perhaps, or a stunning daybed woven wicker outdoor furniture is a stylish and reliable choice.

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